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  1. That is what i meant by having 2 225A fuses still is the same scenario if one comes loose. i dont know why all my stuff loosens up over time i tighten it to spec or further usually.
  2. So a long electrical question each of my amps say to fuse them at 450A and the only have a single 1/0 input. I put a 225A fuse on each amplifier for temp and just never changed them. i didnt draw enough to pop the fuses but i did draw enough melt the plastic a little and discolor the fuse element the heat caused resistance and resulted in a voltage drop which isn't good for my amps and i didn't notice it right away until the smell. I also torque checked my bolts on my batteries and they had gotten looser. so my question is should i put a single 450A where i have the chance of the connection coming loose witch is really bad for the amp or would i be better off putting 2 225A fuses where it is unlikely both will come loose at the same time but if only one comes loose i may have the same problem with the fuse that is NOT loose heating up like the single 225A did previously. Which is the worse case scenario for the amps one loose connection that is almost immediately detectable or 2 connections where if one is loose the amp would have an insufficient supply that might not be noticeable for quite a while?
  3. anyway that is all the pics i could find that are under 600kb so they will upload. anyway pics arent the point i just want to know why my coils are hot after 3 min or at least i can smell them (never shot them with a temp gun) and if i should expect better performance from my equipment because maybe i didnt install it all the best way i could or maybe i just need better/or more to do highers for longer periods of time.
  4. random pic of my box when it was half built.
  5. No really i was asking if it is no par because 6 12's is a lot and i dont know what i should meter considering i usually like to play in the 20's i could put some pics but its an ugly install i only care about bass. it's just i hear a lot of scores thrown around that are higher than mine with less but they are usually at higher frequencies and my frequency range and for lack of better words stamina seems low.
  6. So i have a spl lab mini and i was wondering if my setup is on par? I have 6X pap 2k 12's. and 2X prv ad8000.2's. This is a box not a wall. I have no sound deadener. And i hit a max of 154.7 db at 26 hz. if i stay in the frequency range of 21-34 i can stay in the 150s. if the song is a solid bassline for 3 or so minutes by the end of a song playing at about 153 db ill start to smell the coils of the subs. There is no clipping according to the clip indicator set for 1% thd. Do you feel this is on par? ill give extra details about my system now. 2.5 cu ft. per sub. box tuned to 28 hz port area 260 in^2. 1X 350 amp alternator. 1X limitless lithium 100ah. 1/0 ofc. The subs have a 4'' 8 layer coil rated at a "conservative" 2000 watts rms per sub. port faces front. db ratings are off the windshield.
  7. Hmm i think i get the concept of what you are saying but ive never heard impedance sweep. you mean measure the impedance while under power playing a certain frequency in order to find resonance without measuring the cab volume ect?
  8. yeah i am doing it now but idk what my tuning is but with a 1/4'' port and all the surface area the tuning would be very high so what if the tuning was lowered by adding a port i wonder how it might change my numbers at a certain frequency.
  9. So here is a pic Maybe a silly idea but air pressure in my cabin effects my subs (i have 6 12's ported) very much was thinking of what it would be like to turn the entire system into this design here. So basically the space to the right would be the cabin space and listening position. The ratio would be about 1 to 5 to my rough calculations with 5 obviously being the cabin space. So this would entail me removing a window(s) and adding a port in its place again putting the listener "inside the enclosure". currently removing the rear windows and or opening the hatch gives me roughly a 4 db gain. Is this even worth the effort to try it? keep in mind my ratio is rather odd.
  10. Hey i noticed on your fb page one of your box designs has pap woofers. do you have any knowledge of his product or personal experience?

  11. why cant i? Thats still not the main question anyway.
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