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  1. idk if id say phase i just believe they are unevenly loaded? To my understanding out of phase is an electrical issue where as i believe im experiencing a mechanical issue. but it looks pretty much the same. i think ill just move the ports to the middle and see what happens. since they are temporary i dint glue them. The boxes have bracing there is no spot bigger than 18 ish inces that isn't braced. i know i cheated pretty shamelessly i just didnt want to build my box again it was so hard to move the 16cf box with subs in it. and this box would have been even bigger. Yeah its ac duct work lol w
  2. The ports are temporary. i just couldn't wait for my pvc to arrive so i just picked them up screwed them on quick.it doesn't work well at all of course. Why does some of the port need to go in the port need to go in the box? I Mean i know it Isn't a good idea to have your port start on the same plane as your subs that's what the 3/4 mdf ring is for (its on the interior) is that not far enough apart? guess it isn't or i wouldn't have the problem im having i suppose.
  3. So here is what i have going on each box is a single chamber with TWO subs per box. The subs are on one side and the port is on the other far side. So everything seems completely normal when playing frequencies not around my tuning. the closer i get to my tuning the worse the problem gets. The sub closer to the port moves way more then the one further from it. there is a 3/4 mdf ring on the face of the inside of the box i was hoping this would equal out the loading but it doesn't look like it. The ports are completely external by the way. so how bad is this exactly? im sure it is bad enough
  4. Also its intended for daily lows not burps.
  5. I'm doing a new build with 8 hdx3 15's do you all think one Bass 15k is enough? I doubt id maintain 14.4 but certainly 12.8 to 13.1 ish. I suppose im more worried about the impedance rising (box rise) to where i can't put out the 12k the subs can handle.
  6. I didn't have any coil smell at all and i had a subsonic filter so i wasn't playing too far from tuning. Mine have 4'' coils so power handling wasn't an issue electrically at least. but the x could probably travel further than mine even tough they have the same x-max id bet your x-mech is higher than mine.
  7. How do you know when your into your mechanical limits? obviously if it is bottoming out that is too far, but what if you have a sub where it isn't really possible to bottom out without first ripping the spider. How do you know when your about at the point where the spider may rip?
  8. I am used to building my own enclosure but on a build i am going to go prefab. There aren't may options for low tuned prefabs so i end up with a box with a 13 15/16 but my sub specs for 13 3/4. I want to have them inverted. is this ok? they are going to be soundqubed hdx3 subs.
  9. Hey i noticed on your fb page one of your box designs has pap woofers. do you have any knowledge of his product or personal experience?

  10. I have 6 12's on 14~18 kw never clamped it yet and im tuned to 30hz. I like the spl mini because i really would prefer to have the unit have a display i don't really like the idea of bluetooth too much. However im may be concerned that it only goes to 160. im not sure what kind of numbers i should expect, but being tuned to 30 hz i just don't know i have 0 point of reference of what 140 150 db is like.
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