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I'll call to ask. Was only looking for answers.                      20180527_003445_zps81fatono.jpg20180527_003458_zpsprqqw7vo.jpg20180527_003534_zpskvywtfo1.jpg

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Damn. I'd like to know what could have caused that too!

Luckily my XS D2400 under the hood is 6 years old (bought from AudioSavings a while back) and still running strong. I charged  them every night on my CTEK US7200  also.

I'll be replacing my D2400 and 2x XP3000 sometime later this year (bought them with 20% eBay discount promo a while back from Showtime Electronics [these actually arrived with a nice ~13V out of the box]and AudioSavings) just for the hell of it. I remember XS Power said their batteries should last about 5 years.



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