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  1. i gotta ask how hard was it to get those headers off? I wanna wrap mine but bolts/nuts look so rough/rusted I'm thinking I will break them using an impact or breaker bar.
  2. what's up man?? been reading up a little, done anything new to your ride?

  3. Man this car just gets better and better every time I see it on here. Haven't been on in a while, kinda lost interest in car audio since I've had other things going on. I love your attention to detail, doors are going to be sick. Wish I could see and hear it in person.
  4. What's up brassard,I haven't been on here for a while since I've been going through what I have been lately and you know about that.. Well man that box came out great,color matches well. Break those subs in and wang on them... Good stuff dude.
  5. dude,I'm very impressed. Looks like you took your time on the wiring as I did and it looks great in there.. Sick ass work dude,now it's time to get started on your girls ride.. lol
  6. Sub to the right is the new T3 subs which are supposed to be 2500 watts RMS. According to a RF authorized dealer I talked to.
  7. That should be a beast sub when it's done by I'm more interested in the smaller sub next to it. Is that supposed to be the new T3 sub? I like that they added a cone to it.
  8. Just curious to where did you buy it from? The seller should be able to help you too if they have a warranty on it,if it's an authorized RF dealer then RF will fix it under warranty if within warranty period. Either way RF will fix it for you,I believe it costs around $300 for them to repair that amp if not warrantied but it will basically be a new amp once it's fixed.. Also I would suggest sending the PEQ knob with the amp so it can be tested as well just in case something in it caused damage to the amp,I know that's not likely but anything is possible.. Good luck and keep us posted..
  9. again, what bass knob were you using? Good idea to take Alaskan's advice & call RF
  10. What bass knob were using?? And from what I've read you don't need to adjust the Punch eq at all,leave it to minimum.
  11. DO NOT THROW IT OUT!! Call RF like alaskan said,they will in fact put you in contact with shops that repair the older RF amps. I have a friend that owns two 800a2's for subs and 2 500a2's for his mids,he has had them all repaired over the years and is about to send off one of the 500's for repair.
  12. nice packages.. What those terminals run ya? They look good... Looks like you got some RF amp kits as well? Alt should do well,i like the green on the pulley.
  13. yes you can,I'm running do some research on that and let us know what you find out....................... To the OP: do as the others have told you as far as the wiring goes.. Those amps have 2 sets of terminals for ease of installation for multiple subwoofer setups,they're paralled internally so it makes no difference where you put the wires...
  14. that is badass even though it's PS. I'm going to have to check on one of those.
  15. I have over 30 orders from them and don't even want to figure out the total I've spent with just them. My first purchase was for over $2K. Needless to say I'll continue using Sonic as my first go to source. Customer service is amazing,I usually only call a rep named Kyle Ellison ext. 2555 to make all my orders.
  16. 30' blue 1/0 OFC,15' black 1/0 OFC,50' 16 ga OFC speaker wire,2 fuse holders,XS Power 588 adapters and the 573 aluminum hold down tray for D3400.
  17. Might want to edit that video "basehead" should be basshead.. Good stuff though.. And to all the Skar haters,just STFU before you start making your dumbass "Skarbage" comments.
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