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Fi Q or BTL or another recommended sub for dc 2k (15 inch single sub)

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59 minutes ago, Joshdashef said:

When you say good LFE are you referring to low frequencies? 

Heres a thought. What if I were to use the SP4v2  on the single dc 2k until I upgrade to a more powerful amp and electrical system? ie. another dc 2k or a single more powerful amp like a 4k/5k with some lithium to back it up? 

If I were to do this I assume I would need to build two boxes, one made for the sp4 with 2k and one with for 4k/5k 

LFE = low frequency extension.

 Any high powered woofer will play just fine at 100w, they are made to do this, its like rolling around town with your woofers turned down.

If you are planning on a future power upgrade, id probably go for a higher power handling woofer and design the enclosure for 2kw untill im ready for more power and port, at least down the line you'll only need to buy an amp & electrical and wont get stuck with an extra woofer.


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