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  1. Yup.. I've never reconed an idq in my life haha..
  2. I wish that were true bro, 10/12 of the current revision have an OD of 2 1/16".
  3. Honestly, on that amp i wouldn't swap a single vxf with a single idmax, IMHE the thermal and mechanical power handling isn't even close so yeah even though both still smash the low end you'll still have less potential output with a 2" coil (10"/12" idmax). If your worried about output but want cleaner bass than what you got, maybe try doubling cone area off the same power with more efficient/better sounding woofers? The VXF impressed me that it is somewhat of a clean sounding woofer at that price and i fucking hate skar lol but for what its worth, it sounds nothing at all like sq oriented woofers, sometimes the user isn't as critical as he might think and might just want cleaner bass without sacrificing output, therefore better options are a possibility. I don't want to directly compare drivers here, you are free to pm me.
  4. Just hook them up with your individual front/rear pos & neg, then parallel going to your distro/amps or make a buss bar.
  5. Not going to compare, lets just say the ul12 doesnt belong there, i don't like neither of them but that goes to show how much of a significant difference it can be for some ears regardless of price. The UL12 was nothing special, it moved so much fucking air it made me think there was a ZV4 in the trunk, not my type of "sq" woofer. Just wanted to share.
  6. Focal, image dynamics & boston acoustics have been some of my favorite modern woofers for quality in sealed enclosures. Plenty more of them out there, all 3 above can accurately dig into the 20's without getting sloppy,slow or loosing its composure, due to running them in a sealed enclosure you should have some decent bandwidth if you couple it with a properly installed quality front stage. they also blend very nicely with your front stage, the spg 555 in 1.4 gross takes that trophy for me.
  7. Your in luck lol.. https://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_45657_Dual_DA8001.aspx
  8. i was talking about the power supply inside your amplifier, mybad i might have got carried away. Both 1 & 2 ohm loads on your amp will provide 1000W, amps that make the same power at different impedances usually have a fully regulated power supply of some sort, basically don't clip your output & all is good. I've never used those lyumi oscopes before but if it does its job correctly, you should be able to see voltage & distortion.
  9. With a fully regulated design, its pretty easy to smoke your gear by clipping.
  10. The design of a fully regulated power supply is pretty awesome but generally aren't the most efficient, it also puts out 1000 wrms from 1-2 ohms, 750 at 4 ohms. While your system is playing music, your impedance jumps up and down (impedance rise), an amplifier that puts out rated from 1-4 ohms for example, will have a higher average current draw than one that isn't fully regulated of the same power, thus making them a current hog. JL AUDIO, RF BDCP, DIAMOND DES, EARTHQUAKE to name a few.
  11. I think you would be surprised comparing 2 woofers in a slightly bigger box vs one off the same power. For what its worth, the DES series still puts out near rated at 2 ohms. Sorry, i thought you were talking about the woofer LPF, if your setting gains by ear with a test tone, the frequency is a bit irrelevant without an oscope/dd1 or magic ears. Those DES amps are current hogs so i would try to find access to a DD1 or an oscope for setting your gains.
  12. Also due to so many different combinations of systems, the LPF is dependent on your install and ears. A system like that, id probably start somewhere between 60-100hz.
  13. Wait so your just trying to run 1 sub & amp correct? Your woofer should be reading 1 ohm, if not you could have a bad DMM or wrong/defective sub. T1's have the impedance printed on the jumper above the terminals, maybe take it out and take a look? Also the smd dd1 is nice for setting gains, Find someone or a shop?
  14. I used to have an older 12 with the black dust cap, not a bad sounding woofer, alpines type X actually reminded me of the way it sounded, maybe you could find someone with one of those? If your hunting for affordable sq woofers, take a listen to an idmax also.
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