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  1. Check your wiring again, inspect your wire for corrosion ect,check every ring and make sure the crimps are locked tight, battery terminals clean & tight & make sure you used a clean thick spot for every ground, sand it down & use zinc washers, bolt it up with grade 8 hardware. If you are 100%positive everything is in perfect order than switch your ground locations, better yet where is everything grounded?
  2. Could be playing too far under tuning, easy to do with a decaf playlist, a more efficient box might also help. 3cf sounds small for 30hz with an x15.
  3. If your looking to read speaker impedance, disconnect the outputs first. Swap your left and right rca, if the same speaker cuts off then put your rca back the way you had it and swap the speaker output on the amp with the opposite side, if the same speaker acts up then the issue is your speaker wire,speaker terminal or speaker itself, if a different speaker acts up then its your amp.
  4. Dont be so surprised op, the driver tech & input power of modern big boy products can easily outplay a 1000w kicker system.
  5. With a screen name like that, im surprised you didn't consider the sq q1-4500, extremly reliable amps.
  6. Split up your rj/cat knob cable at your own risk, I've seen alpine & mtx amps fry immidiatly with people trying this. Rca style knobs work perfectly fine on multiple amps but this isn't what you were asking about is it?
  7. Sometimes splitters work, most other times they don't and to be honest, its possible to damage something by trying to use the same knob on two circuits, do you not like them strapped? The master amp controls the slave with one knob that way, if not then just roll with the rca knobs.
  8. Did they sound acceptable with the passive xovers? If so, can you post a pic of the passive internals? Did you set the tweets with the dd1? If you didnt use a softer track for setup you might have them too loud. High midbass impedance near peak? All drivers rise and you normally can't hear it but some drivers are just real bad at this, they usually have a zobel built into the passive crossover to keep the cut-off from shifting. Can you shift phase at your amp? If so, Have you tried raising the midbass?
  9. Try a different amp or try plugging in a different source(mp3 player,phone ect) to test the rca inputs or use a DMM, play some music and check your line out converter for ac voltage at the amp side.
  10. Sounds like the unit is bad, only other thing I can think of is some type of rf interference or obstruction.
  11. Try another phone, preferably a modern android at least to eliminate the possibility of being an iOS 11/12 software glitch.
  12. Just looked for w4500 results on the AD-1, 5k at 13.7v certified which is very nice for that price range.
  13. Im thinking 2.4 under 14v, which is nice. Now days we dont find many lower powered amps that are rated at lower voltages yet do over rated, stuff like cresendo bc's ect
  14. W4500AW? Go to sound solutions audio and look up the wolfram arctic wolf w4500.1, they are on sale and listed at $599. Personally I've never used wolfram but have heard they are worth the money.
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