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  1. I know its an old post but for anyone still interested, there are android alternatives that have built in dac's with better outputs than apple devices, you would be stuck with the line out headphone jack though.
  2. I should have been a little more clear, this is about jvc/kenwood products as they use the same chipsets and are owned by the same company since 2017. Same wire harness,same firmware extensions ect. Anyways, it is a subjective setting and really up to the op, just putting in my humble 2c is all.
  3. Yeah could probably be model specific, fwiw they are very good units and i don't see many come back often, not this year anyway. Which model kenwood do you have & which features do you have turned on? A couple of years ago i had to attend kenwood's training and they talked about certain things that when used on (bass boost/bass extend/loudness/stage eq ect) may cause a lower clipping point because the internal dac further eq's the signal.
  4. slowfkncar

    Bracing More Important than Thickness?

    You might be surprised how different two identical enclosures can sound from one another regardless of having the same air space & port area. Baffle thickness > bracing , its good to have both though.
  5. Should not have any issue's, just pull the two plugs & done.
  6. Id probably leave it at standard. If anyone here has a modern kenwood/jvc (same shit) you'll notice at high volumes the sound stage lift,realizer ect makes it sound like crap imho.
  7. Also something to consider, if your unit has a voltage meter it will not show battery voltage accurately unless you run the 12v+(yellow) straight to the battery, with a fuse of course.
  8. Sure why not? I do prefer a fresh ground to the unit though. Every once in a while i do find the amps on the 99-02 models also fail, causing crazy parasitic drain issues. So sure, remove it.
  9. slowfkncar

    6.5 preferences

    Still using FI's n.7 in active off a bridged stroker 800.4 a/b
  10. slowfkncar

    Power handling

    A 3" 82mm fw aluminum coil is pretty long but the motor is usually what does most of the cooling. That being said, you might be able to give a longer coil more power but still, you'll need to see how it thermally holds up with that motor.
  11. Damn that sucks, looks like you need an external active crossover or some type of dsp that can use rca inputs.
  12. Image dynamics Q sounds like a nice match, or since its a tahoe a nice front stage upgrade would probably help.
  13. slowfkncar

    Ground loop nightmares

    If no added pwm aftermarket accessories and all connections are solid with healthy RCA's you might just be looking at a bad unit/bad amp as far as the whine goes. You could always try a 12vdc choke filter on the units 12v hot wire.
  14. slowfkncar

    Are most of us actually under powering our sub's?

    Its no secret that speakers get louder with more power untill the coil hits thermal compression. Careful using 3x rated as a set it forget it type of deal, that will for sure give some woofer/enclosure combinations a run for its money,ever try doing this with an fi bl?, Dont. Better to know what a specific driver can take instead of running 3x rated to all
  15. Id probably just throw an rca bass knob off the rear channels & call it a day.