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  1. Dear ministryman, 6 dedicated drivers on axis in a large room with a distant enclosure is one thing but having all that in your car is a whole different story, especially if your goal is somewhat for SQ. As far as i can remember, most modern studios prefer most of the sound to come from a pair of high end 2 way on axis drivers just to achieve a flat point source sound with good image and minimal to no beaming/cancellation, something us car audio fanatics deal with quite often. Something to think about here, alot of (not all) mediocre and even high end drivers dont just sound good out of the box, the passive xovers do more than some think such as impedance stability near FS, phase alignment between the drivers and actually having a roll-off that matches the sensitivity and phase, so when you drop in 6 drivers crossed at different frequencies it will likely be a PITFA to set up especially if in active and you have no plan on how to align everything. hope everyone is having a great day!
  2. Look up seismic audio on amazon, decent quality plate amps. One of them can do 400rms x2 into 4 ohms and should cost less than that rockville+ac/dc supply
  3. Some solid state amps are known to shunt/energize the outputs when turned on. your subwoofers total impedance is 1 ohm, if you aren't sure then unplug your woofers from the amp and measure impedance again. Make sure your getting signal through the rca's, if you absolutely cant get any sound and your woofers/wires/signal checks out, it points to the amp.
  4. What type of sub is it? What amp? Its 60% RH on a good day for me, depending on the woofer it really only takes me 2-4 weeks for break in smell to go away but it really does depend on the woofer, some brands smell like shit for days.
  5. I've installed plenty of those cheaper style chinese units, not bad if you only care about the older android OS features but if your into sound quality,reliability and a bug-less unit they are probably not for you.
  6. Really depends on the battery chemistry & how (if included) its BMS works. Since a battery management system is pretty much a custom circuit that may come in hundreds of different configurations & features, it's worth calling the office of your lithium make/model and ask them for the proper storage,charging & discharge directions. Some battery management systems might have fool proof charge regulating built in, others might not. Li-Ion, from what I've last heard doesn't like high or low storage voltages which can damage those type of cells quickly. LiFePO4, from what I've last heard is alot more forgiving to high/low voltages & abuse but at the cost of some power density. After installing my lith, i turned my ignition on and my voltage was 14.4 lol, i started trippen the fuck out and called xs power thinking they sent me a 14v model, turns out its normal for my pack.
  7. What are you reading on music? Impedance? Unplug your amps output wire or box input wire and check the "resting" impedance coming from the woofers.
  8. That's gonna wang the lows bro, don't worry to much.. You made the right call not going under 4 net.
  9. Wire Size 2 Ohms 4 Ohms 8 Ohms 22 Gauge 3 Feet 6 Feet 12 Feet 20 Gauge 5 Feet 10 Feet 20 Feet 18 Gauge 8 Feet 16 Feet 32 Feet 16 Gauge 12 Feet 24 Feet 48 Feet 14 Gauge 20 Feet 40 Feet 80 Feet* 12 Gauge 30 Feet 60 Feet* 120 Feet 10 Gauge 50 Feet 100 Feet* 200 Feet
  10. Passive = only two channels needed, tweeter protection is included & crossover frequency & slope is already set. Active = ability to swap drivers individually, change crossover settings on the fly, no power loss/saturation from a passive board resulting in more spl at the same power level, an overall more efficient system. Honestly, i don't think i would drive that amp into those tweets while active, id probably just rock it in passive while bridged or bi-amp if the crossover allows.
  11. Also, you might want to double check your mounting depth as all 3 are on the larger side & the n.7 is deep.
  12. Just to name a few with decent bass in that price range. FFi audio n.7 , idmax cxs 6.5, cdt HD 6.5.
  13. Thing is, he's in hawaii & the temperature swing hasn't changed within the last 3 years.
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