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  1. I've installed tons of id65's & id69's, never ran them myself though. I have ran the cxs & xs line, and felt they were also impressive for the price. If it helps any, the whole ID coax/component line up is oriented around that warm natural european type sound, similar to dynaaudio,dls,cdt ect..
  2. Image dynamics id65? strong midbass,vocal & smooth/transparent tweets just make sure you have enough mounting depth.
  3. Looks like an old school aa chaos or something
  4. You can attempt a firmware re-flash, if it still dont come back then the internal bluetooth chip probably crapped out. https://www2.jvckenwood.com/cs/ce/mm/firmware/2013/2013b/eng.html
  5. Not bad for a burp, on music though it would blow my mind smacking 50's with a pair of 2" coil slim woofers.
  6. Rock,alt & country? Image dynamics Q is what comes to mind, they are tight & fast with good transient response well beyond the price range, same with the idmax but imhe with both woofers, the Q is better for sq.
  7. Call and ask? If you don't pay it off it might get flagged stolen, which means Verizon will refuse to service/activate it.
  8. Same service & not flagged as stolen, should still work.
  9. Yes, it's a bose option on the 94-95 E300/E300D.
  10. Yup, I must have done 40+ w124's like that & none ever complained, the RCA style harness with those amps can also sometimes introduce unwanted noise. I usually prefer using rca's but not with that car, unless its just the single becker amp.
  11. With those older model e class that use Becker head units and Becker/dual bose amps i usually have better luck with metra 70-9401, the factory unit has more output than the 4v RCA's which is why you lost output.
  12. Another d4 sa12 would drop your amp to 1ohm (which is fine) and would for sure be louder but I guess you could just build a new enclosure for a little more bump.
  13. The t3 components are pretty flat & natural sounding, more so than the t1 set but get a little louder. I found them too laid back for my taste (used them for 6+ months) and that's coming from a guy who primarily uses soft dome tweets on everything.
  14. You know what man, if your head unit lpf doesnt make a difference from 200/12 to 80/12 and your 100% positive you didnt cross any rca's, I'd just call pioneer to explain the problem because it just seems your unit is defective or your being fooled by your front stage with a flat eq.
  15. Like tonasty pointed out, you could get away with the alpine or rf power for your tweets, of course the gains would need to be set to prevent driver fatigue with the tweets.
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