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  1. On the amp, if they don't then disconnect the remote wires from the amp, battery still dies? Bad amp, take it back.
  2. They have it wired correct, the purple to the amps & blue/white for possibly a maestro or Pac module, leave that 5v wire alone, it's for factory cameras. You could try disconnecting the remote wires from the amps, if the problem goes away then pull out that module behind the stereo and see if it needs a firmware update, of course this would be after you make sure both amps respond to the remote wire, if they don't you might have an auto-turn on switch flipped somewhere.
  3. Take a read at that PDF below bro, could be a bad relay or someone might have hit the key limit (4) which wipes the last known key ID, also make sure nothing moved by the immobilizer ring. It's a simple system, relay clicks on during RS command and sends the programmed code to the ring on the cylinder. n555f.pdf
  4. Really tough to judge stuff like this, you lose a bunch of cone area but gain a bunch of excursion & probably motor force too. For what it's worth, you could always go with the x15 and build the box on the more efficient side to make up for the lack of power.
  5. Keep the flat side of inductors away from anything magnetic such as steel, magnets ect..
  6. Depends on the enclosure really but yeah, it's normal for a ported enclosure to be most efficient at or around its port tune, frequency bandwidth depends on how well your woofer models in its current enclosure and vehicle.
  7. Another suggestion, Image dynamic id65, those are pretty dang loud for a pair of $100$ coax, 90db/w & are smooth sounding, if you prefer brighter treble, the t1 coax is a better choice.
  8. Low frequency noise at idle with no input points directly to the amp.
  9. That sucks bro, remember what we talked about? I hoped you would have had a better experience. I'd just rebuild it back to stock with an nsv2 coil and shrink the enclosure until you hit 1.7 net.
  10. Its supposed to be quad 2/0 inputs, but yeah without a nearby buss bar/bank, its still cutting short.
  11. That mech 270 is more than enough for what you have, explain your situation in detail and there are plenty here that could help. Start with how your battery died and type of batteries? Type of cables and how you crimped them? Grounding point?
  12. You might just be clipping, I've had some Rp's before and they aren't hard to clip at all. Yes the enclosure is slightly on the large size if its 3/4" but that would only make your woofer play more efficiently.
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