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In need of help, no output to subs

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So this is gonna have to be a long post so sorry lol 

i have a 2011 mustang gt premium, I installed the scoche dash kit and have a pioneer avh-290bt headunit. I have my power wire ran from the under hood battery to my headway lithium battery bank. All wire is Gp 1/0 ofc.

i grounded the battery to a spot in the back seat and I sanded it. I then ran another power and ground wire from the second battery to the amp. (Now that I’m typing this are you not supposed to run the ground to your amp straight from the battery?) 

The amp was an Audiopipe Apmi 2000, brand new shipped from amazon. ( I blew it during all this) a bunch of the pieces that are against the outsides of the inside of the amp fried, maybe the output transistors? Not sure, the amp went up in smoke.

This all happened in the process of trying to get output out of the subs, I changed my rcas and their working ones from sky high, the amp had green light, was not in protect at any point before it went up in smoke. Then of course it did go to protect anytime remote voltage was applied.  The subs are dual 4 ohm I checked to make sure the coils weren’t bad. They were fine. Wiring is correct I checked over 3 times. Box terminals read around 1ohm load which is what I desired. So I believe all of my wiring is correct.

so why am I not getting signal from my subs? And how did my amp blow? No fuses were blown in the car, everything is fine I checked. But there was no voltage from the speaker terminals of the amp.

ive been working on trying to getting it playing for over 3 months, spent so much time sweat and tears building a 2 12 box IN the trunk of a 2011 mustang gt. Which if you know about the trunk is not an easy feat. And I can’t figure out what is wrong and am just looking  for any Advice or help that could help me getting it playing again. 

If you read that all thanks lol, I hope to get some tips 



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My sub amps grounded directly to the battery no issues here don’t see why that’d cause any issues.

are you sure your deck isn’t set with any crossover settings limiting your amp from even seeing the right frequencies?

Do you have a scope or dd1? Might help with determining what your amp is outputting. 

What were your settings on the amp before it blew ?


My Daily 8th gen Civic Coupe

https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211131-honda-civic-coupe-08-2k-daily-headaches/ (Build Log)

Gear (specifics on build log)

Pioneer 80 PRS / RF P600x4 / DC 2k / Mechman 240 A / XS D3400 + D5100R / Two SA-12(D4) / RF T2 Components / Sky High Wiring (OFC)

~3.6 Cubed Net / 34 Hz Tuned / Center Port



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