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I finished installation of my new enclosure and subs.  Everything sounds great.  Went from 6 low end 12s to 2 warden v2 15s 2 ohm. These are being ran by an Orion 5000dsplx. I have them running parallel down to .5 ohms. Actual ohm reading is .9 . My friend hooked it up to his term lab and I'm only getting 430 watts at 3.1 ohms after impedance rise. This amp made 2.8k with my last subs at 2.6 ohms. The subs are loud and sound great with this power but will not make more than the 430 watts.

Batteries are at 14.7

Ohms .9 testing. rise 3.1

Equipment all dd-1 done

Equipment list 

Pioneer 4200nex

Orion dsplx 5k 

2 15" warden v2 d2

Mechman 320

3 banks of lithium

3 sets of 3 200amp fuses 


Thank you for any and all input

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Voltage drop at all? Thats weird af

My Daily 8th gen Civic Coupe

https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211131-honda-civic-coupe-08-2k-daily-headaches/ (Build Log)

Gear (specifics on build log)

Pioneer 80 PRS / RF P600x4 / DC 2k / Mechman 240 A / XS D3400 + D5100R / Two SA-12(D4) / RF T2 Components / Sky High Wiring (OFC)

~3.6 Cubed Net / 34 Hz Tuned / Center Port



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