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Help with port designs.


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So, i'm trying to design a box for (4) DC Audio level 1s. i want it to be loud, but have sq qualities (large bandwidth, not suuuper peaky). The main problem i have is port design. Not sure how to design a port. pics related

Annotation 2019-09-15 221340.jpg

Annotation 2019-09-15 221320.jpg

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You want to size your ports to minimize port velocity.  This is a balancing act between keeping port velocity low, but not having huge ports that take up lots of box volume, or ports that are so long you start to get pipe resonance issues.  

If you look at the port velocity graphs in WinISD that will help you make a decision.  For band pass boxes I like to keep peak port velocity around 22 m/sec or less.


Also, your rear chamber is looking a bit big.  Generally your rear chamber should be in the area of what the manufacturer recommends for a ported box volume.  Making it too big will put a lot of stress on the subs.  

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