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SA-10 D2 tune 1 cu ft on 800w w/fixed 25hz subsonic filter

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I read elsewhere a good 1 cu ft tune is 32-33hz with a subsonic filter set at 28hz. The amp I ordered is a CXA800.1, its birth certificate says 862w. I'm not using a DSP, I'm tapping into factory wiring and planning to use the amp's adjustable high pass filter and its fixed 25hz subsonic filter. My main issue is the fixed subsonic filter, is 32-33hz still a good tune or should it be lower because of that? Music is rap/R&B/Soul/hip hop.


I want to protect the sub and while I want SPL, SQ is the main focus since the amount of power paired with the SA-10 should be plenty loud regardless. The factory radio is GM's Bose setup in a 2018 Cruze hatchback. Watching a video online, it looks like the factory amp's input I'm tapping into is a variable voltage signal with a flat signal. The mids and highs sound decent but it lacks bass. The non hatchback Bose package has 2 rear deck 6x9's as its subs, I guess it sounds decent but the hatchback has a single 6.5 in the spare tire well which is worthless IMO. 

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