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  1. What amp(s) are you running? 1/0 has more capacity than dual 4awg, but if you'll only be drawing 200a, there's not really a functionality downside to dual 4awg. What brand wire, OFC for both 4awg & 1/0? For example, KnuKonceptz OFC 4awg is rated up to 150a at 20ft, 1/0 is rated up to 375a. If you're running a 2k class D amp though, a dual 4awg run should be plenty so there's no reason to get the 1/0 if you don't mind looking at/fusing 2 runs and the savings of it is worth it to you.
  2. We're doing 2 ports, I was just curious if ~30" ports was what we need. Thank you, you helped and we're definitely doing dual 8" aeros netting ~8.4 based on your responses. I'm guessing somewhere around 30" each but they're the BAP aeros which are easy to adjust so we'll figure it out/get it dialed in.
  3. that's what I was needing to know. Would you know how long each port would need to be for a ~30hz tune in a shared 8.4 cu ft box? I'll figure out the port displacement then make the enclosure that much larger to net 8.4. It's going to be a standard rectangle enclosure so that part will be easy. I'm thinking they'll need to be a little too long but want to make sure first. I think I'll probably have to go with a slot port, which is fine but we were liking the idea of trying the aeros. Also, I figured the specs would be on the site. They were (of course lol) in the box and they do match the ones I assumed were right on Sky High's site. B2 needs to update theirs. Is what I read wrong about aeros needing nearly half the port area? A single 8" gives 50.2 of the 86.6 the specs call for, which is around 58%. I've read an aero only needs 56% of the area, is that not true? I trust what you say 100% & appreciate your responses. I've never done a dual port design. I'm showing my length as needing to be ~31" w/flare per port if I did 2, which won't give the needed port clearance inside the box. That's how it works right, when adding the additional port, the number I'm getting on the length calculator is per port so I think I'm back to a slot design if that's the case.
  4. I don't think they even have that driver on their website. They have a Rampage 15 but comparing the #'s to sky high doesn't add up. The B2 PDF says .49 displacement which matches what the v3 is, not the v4 that he bought.
  5. I wish I was/already knew the answer. You can let me have it if need be, I want to learn/understand it even if I get insulted as long as it leads to the education I seek lol. We already have the subs & amp, we're hoping to build the enclosure within the next few weeks. I've been reading about aeros getting away with near half the port area but different people have different opinions on that. The subs will be inverted (top), we need 48" width, no more than 19" height (lower the better) and we have 32" depth but that's not taking port (rear) clearance into account. It's going in a Sequoia. We're using 3/4" birch, figuring double wall & triple baffle. We're hoping to have the rear firing port in the center on the lower portion of the box. The BAP aero seems to be the easiest way to do that. We're open to other ideas, we're mainly looking at aesthetics/what we thought would look good. I'm guessing the 8" aero is enough but the wood is expensive and would hate to do something we'd regret.
  6. We're going to be building an 8.4 cu ft enclosure as recommended by B2 but I'm wondering about using a single BAP 8" aero. Subs: 2x B2 Rampage 15 XMv4's Amp: B2 Zero 9 (9kw RMS) SkyHigh lists 43.3 port area for a single 15 in a 4.2 enclosure. The plan is to stick to the recommended volume but I'm wondering if using a single 8" aero (~50 sq in?) will be ok. https://skyhighcaraudio.com/copy-of-b2-audio-18-rampage-v4/
  7. An option if you want to retain cargo space, that passenger side has an open area towards the top if you wanted to side fire something similar to this. I prefer rear fire but a box with an angled back like the one I did here could leave more available room. This was for a single SA-10 and it was built on the smaller side, everybody has different goals. I didn't build it for myself.
  8. I'm going to be installing a Clarion XR5520 5-ch amp in a pontoon. There's plenty of space but the amp is only rated at 300w on the sub channel. A dyno of the previous model shows the sub channel doing 350w+ certified. Boats aren't my thing but I'm guessing an open deck I should go ported to maximize output. Any idea on something I can make work on 300-350w? I'm guessing it'll be underwhelming no matter what I do but the amp is mostly so I can upgrade the crappy factory 6.5's.
  9. I always set them with math similar to what Dafaseles said, only I multiply the enclosure tuning by .75 (it's a lot less work!). If you want to play it safe, set it 1-3 hz higher than your result. Being tuned to 31.7, I don't see any issues setting it at 25. If you start hearing the sub bottom out, raise it a notch. For daily drivers that have amps without subsonic filters, I build their enclosures between 29-32hz. Higher tuned (40's) boxes, the subsonic filter is especially important.
  10. what sub(s) & how much space is available?
  11. Is your spare tire under the floor in that cargo area, if so what size is it? By the looks of their no wasted space design, I'm guessing there might not be enough room/height for a JBL Basspro Hub. Have you seen those? Not having a trunk to middle it, it might give you some bass. You won't be floating towels, but your limitations don't leave many options that aren't a lot of work. You don't lose your spare tire with that sort of thing, it sits inside the rim of your spare. I've never seen/heard one, but it should help fill out the sound. Are you willing to build a side firing enclosure to put against the wall of your cargo area? Is it just the depth you need or can you not sacrifice a little width either?
  12. I'm not saying you should remove it, but it sounds like you'd want something louder than just the floor will give you. They didn't waste any space with that design did they? For subs on your stock alternator, you wouldn't be able to run a huge amp. A pair of 10" or 12" Incriminator i-series would call for around 1000w but they like fairly large boxes. Not being able to use the cargo area makes it difficult in that vehicle.
  13. I love DC subs, but the Kicker amp can produce its 1.2k at 1 or 2ohm. I'm honestly not sure if there'd be an audible difference between the 2, but the fact the Kicker can produce the same power at 1 or 2 ohm helps with box rise. It looks like Amazon has it for $370 right now, it isn't the cheapest amp that's for sure. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NS9SSNK
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