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Nooby needs help with first ever setup

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Hello, looking at getting my first ever audio setup. I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to car audio so will be buying purely based on your recommendations.

Would like some - Amped components up front (13cm)
- Amp either mono and a 2 channel? or a 4 channel
- Sub

Now components I was looking at these, heard good things about infinity. Are these a solid shout?  http://caraudiosecurity.com/kappa-50-9cs-13cm-components
Amp I'd need something powerful enough to amp up the 2 speakers at the front then a sub in the back. I'd like good punchy bass, either 10'' sub or 12''. Boot space is limited but can fit a 12 in. Car is a colt czt.

Budget of around 150 for the sub and 200-250 for the amp.


Looking for suggestions for each part really. Including a headunit.



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That's a lot of stuff to cover. You'd need at least a 2 channel amp for your components and a monoblock amp for your sub. You could get a 5 channel amp and run everything off of it plus add 2 more speakers. As far as recommendations, pioneer makes nice head units, alpine has some nicely priced components although the ones that you mentioned are just fine, and Rockford Fosgate has nice prime series amps that would fit your budget. There are a lot of choices out there so look around. Just make sure you match speakers to amplifiers. Make sure that the rms power rating is close to the same for both and that the amp provides that power at the ohm rating of the speakers. 

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