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  1. Bass boost and gain control are 2 different things. Bass boost amplifies the signal at the selected frequency and depending upon the q amplifies those around it. Gain control determines how much input voltage you are allowing into the amp. It acts as a volume knob for bass only if gains are set when the knob is at max
  2. I think your wording is confusing but I will try to help. Hard bass hits take considerably more power reproduce. If you have voltage drops, you need to upgrade your alternator and possibly add another battery depending upon your power requirements.
  3. Use whatever fuse the manufacturer recommends. Yes that is good wiring if it's ofc/ofhc. If it is CCA then no
  4. Set your gains and crossovers properly
  5. The MD is the newer version but if you are looking to power a sub then go with their bass line
  6. Solder the - to the shield and+to the pin
  7. I'm gonna be honest right now and say that I don't like sealed boxes. That being said I'm not sure what the sundown sa subs are rated. I do know that they can handle rated power and above as long as it's clean power. If you like rock and country music a sealed box will be a good idea. If you like bass music and rap you'll probably want to do a ported box.
  8. Lc2i depends on your hu. Is it factory integrated? Aftermarket? I'm assuming you'll be wiring that sub to 2 ohms so you'll want an amp that makes the subs rated power at 2 ohms. Factor in box rise and you'll want even more power.
  9. It can be even higher than that. Box rise can easily cause 4x the impedance. It will vary with the frequency being played from 1 ohm to 4 or more.
  10. That software is basing port area on the 16 to 17 sq in per cube formula. Triticums calculator uses different parameters.
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