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  1. I'm running 8 speakers on my 4 channel amp. 2 speakers per channel wired in parallel so each channel is seeing a 2 ohm load. This setup would give you more options.
  2. That's an expensive amp, I have one and it is definitely worth the price but I would consider the t1500-1bdcp for that setup. If you are set on the t2500-1bdcp then you could run it either way.
  3. Thank you for the confirmation. I heard ds18 was garbage. Now we have proof.
  4. I don't have that battery yet. I have a group 31 northstar. I have all gp 1/0 ofhc. I built my system a little bit at a time and don't think I ever got a kit. I just ordered wire and lugs and made my own cables. I have a pneumatic crimper so it is easy. If I was going to do a system from the start and needed all the wiring for my amps and the big 3 I'd contact gp and tell them what I am running. Their all in one kits have things I can't use like dual input adapters but if you contact them they will customize things so you can get what you need. If you just need the big 3 they have kits for that, I think 1/0 and 2/0. When I get my smsagm480 I'll be getting just more wire, fuse blocks, and some lugs since I have extra laying around.
  5. I'd go with gp's 1/0 ofhc kit. Their wire is top notch made in the United States and they are great guys with super quick shipping and great customer service.
  6. I have a group 31 northstar. I am in the process of adding a second battery. I also have a 240 amp alternator. Google the specs of your battery and you'll find the ah. Is it an agm battery? If not I would suggest you switch it with one. Did you do the big 3?
  7. I use northstar batteries. The smsagm480 is 210 ah. It's an $800 battery. A couple of group 31 agm batteries would get you there. Shop around for the best price. Takes power to make power and it is not cheap. The electrical upgrades are just as expensive if not more than the equipment. A lot of people don't realize that when planning a build.
  8. There's a free app called ultimate car audio app that has calculators for this very thing. They have a paid version too and have stopped supporting the free version but the calculators still work. Pretty handy. Hope this helps.
  9. You'll get a negative reading when there is power in the circuit. Not sure why your subs aren't playing.
  10. Covering the port will lower the box tuning. A good rule of thumb is to have the port unobstructed the same distance as the width of the port.
  11. The amplifier. There are threads on here that talk about this.
  12. You can use a dmm to measure your output voltage. There are some charts that tell you what your voltage should be for the power you are looking for at the load you are using. Sonic electronics has a YouTube video about this too.
  13. SSF should be set according to the crossover slope. Just below the tuning of the port for 12dB/oct and 1/2 octave below tuning for 24 dB/oct.
  14. All of GPs wire is made in the United States too and they have always shipped to me the same day.
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