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  1. Play a test tone for the setting you want and then adjust the filter. There will be a volume drop at the crossover point.
  2. Remember that even with your gains set up perfectly you can still get into trouble. Not all songs are recorded at the same level. You can't just go full tilt on every track.
  3. Put it to where you want it. You're good to go.
  4. It means that your readings are going to fluctuate like they did. Using a test tone and the reading will be flat.
  5. The alt isn't rated in amp hours just max output. I didn't word my reply exactly right. Add the amp hours of the battery and the amp rating of the alt. I'm not familiar with lithium but I believe what you were told is correct.
  6. https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/125198-need-help-with-setting-gains-but-with-a-epicenter/
  7. Add up the current draw for all of your amps. Add the amp hours of your battery and your alternator. If the second calculation is greater than the first you'll be just fine.
  8. I haven't seen too much music under 30hz, maybe a couple of beats at 26 or 28. I'm tuned to 30hz and hit the lows with authority.
  9. I got the alternator first then shortly after I replaced my yellow top with a Northstar group 31. Then I added a Northstar smsagm220 in the rear
  10. I have a Mechman alt and northstar batteries. Next alt will be a Singer. Nothing at all wrong with the mechman but 240 amp is as big as they make for my jeep. Love those northstars too, get one.
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