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  1. Depends on what music you listen to. If you listen to today's rap then - 10 will send you into clipping. I personally use snowdrifters - 7.5 Dropbox file. Even then I have to watch it because I still clip. - 5 just doesn't seem to be enough though. Experiment and see what works best for you
  2. You should be cutting frequencies to tweak not boosting them. This keeps clipping from happening.
  3. Yes, you'll use your max clean hu volume to set your dsp. Set the output from the dsp to your amps input sensitivity and make sure it is clean. Then you can set the amp gain. Hope that helps
  4. You want to start at the beginning of the chain and use the dd-1 first to find max hu volume then use it at the dsp to set it's output clean and lastly at the amps to set your overlaps. Use 0db tracks for the hu and the dsp.
  5. No problem, enjoy your system. Be careful though, car audio is addictive and it will take all of your money.
  6. His hu has adjustable slopes. The cc1 is nice for fine tuning though. I just used mine today to set my new amp.
  7. Leave those gains at zero unless you can max out the hu. Then you can try increasing them. If you can't reach max volume don't adjust them down. Just note what volume you can't play over. Adjusting them down will prevent you from getting full pre out voltage. That is not normal for the equalizer. I've never heard of that before. As far as setting eqs, don't boost weak frequencies, cut the stronger ones. This will help you to avoid clipping your signal. Keep it flat to tune though.
  8. Crossovers on the hu probably have selectable slopes but a fixed number of frequencies. Depending on what you like and need for your particular build you may prefer either one. It's whichever you like best. Use your dd-1 to find the hu max volume. If you can max out the hu, try and adjust the hu gain. You may or may not be able to.
  9. If you don't have a cc1 I'd use the hu. The numbers on the dials on the amps are not accurate.
  10. Crossovers off on hu and amps during tuning. Bass boost off always. After you set up your gains decide whether you want to use the crossovers on the hu or the amp. Don't use both.
  11. My guess is that the belt is loose enough that it doesn't spin the pulley properly
  12. Spray some belt dressing on the belt and see if that helps before you get a new one. If it helps then get one
  13. I've only heard about the Taramps but I would guess that it could be other Brazilian amps as well.
  14. Some of the Taramps don't use an inductor on the output stage as a filter and this causes issues with the dd-1.
  15. I had that amp, it's birth sheet was 958 watts. Great amp, the shocc feature really helped out with some of the tracks that were lacking bass. I'd say just don't have your sub rated over the amp. Better to have a little too much power than not enough. You can always dial it back
  16. I've seen pics of the epicenter being used with Taramps so it's definitely doable. Can't you set the output voltage to 2v on the epicenter?
  17. That's how it is. Not all songs are recorded at the same level. So, for example, if you tuned your amp with the - 10db tone and the song is recorded at - 7db you won't be able to use max volume.
  18. Remember that even with your gains set up perfectly you can still get into trouble. Not all songs are recorded at the same level. You can't just go full tilt on every track.
  19. -db is for setting overlap. Use 0db to find max hu volume. - db will result in a louder system but you can go too far.
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