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So I guess the thread title says it all but those are what I’m considering for my old school build. Looking to just run my 4 front interior speaker channels on one of these on separate channels.

So I’m considering a RF Punch 400x4 Trans Ana or a US Amps 4300x4 for my front channels. I’ve read some mixed opinions about the old Fosgate being dirtier than most from the same era. Is this true? Would I be happier with the US Amps unit? Is there much difference in SQ between these 2 actually? I have a real soft spot for these old Fosgates because I had a Punch 40 in the 90s that kicked butt. Now I’m looking for clarity.


If I don’t go with an old school build, then I’m considering the Mmatts sq series 4 channel or 6 channel. Anyone with experience with these? Is the clarity and SQ really that good? The price of the Mmatts doesn’t concern me. I’m willing to pay for quality.

I know I’m talking about 2 different paths here completely. That’s just where I’m at right now.  Please help with your suggestions and opinions.

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I used the 400x4 for many years and it's a great sounding amp. As always, with the older amps you take a chance of having issues. The 400x4 is from 1996, so it's 24 years old. That said, I'm still using a 1993 Punch 200 DSM in my daily driver and  have been for almost 5 years with no issues.

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