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hey guys im sure some of yall have already seen this post once but it got archived so im gonna re-upload everything so i can update yall on whats been changed since i did on that last part just a few things i would get some videos here soon but here in WV the car itself will not pass inspection so its hard to get it out and drive around without getting a 300 ticket for not having the proper sticker in the window but here it goes 


Car: 2002 Chevy Trailblazer

System: 2 Audiopipe apsm 1500s

2 DC audio XL M1 18s (use to be 2 audiopipe bd2 18s)

2 runs of SHCA CCA power front to back 

3 SHCA CCA frame grounds 

ALL SHCA wire big 3

custom switch panel

2 american bass coxails in the front rear doors arent working 

single Duracell G34 deep cycle under the hood 

and a DC power 270XP for alternator power










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More pictures and videos coming soon gotta get a new battery for it and then got a bunch of suspension work that needs to be done to it that ill post up while im working on it here in the near future but for now let me know what yall think

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