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Port Compression Effect on SQ

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Hey! I loved this thread about port compression! I am making a very small SQ-focused home theater sub that is tuned to infra-sonic frequencies (13hz). Since the sub-woofer will be crossed over very low, basically all of its output will be in the range that can be effected by port compression (<40 hz).

If port compression just causes a loss of output I am fine with that, because the driver I am using has way more power than I need in a home theater. However, if port compression ruins the quality of the sound in other ways I need to come up with a new plan. This is my first build, I have no idea what port compression sounds like,  would you say it has an effect other than reduced SPL? (Lets assume that the port is very widely flared at the end so there is no chuffing)

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This will be an interesting subject since it is similar in a way to meade's tahoe where the port compression is 'supersonic'. (correct me if i am wrong) So you don't hear the port compression/chuffing, but with that being said believe he was tuned quite a bit higher than 13 Hz. I also believe enclosure design will play a big part in it and if you get the chance read into environmental distortion.

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