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  1. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sennheiser-momentum-wireless-noise-canceling-over-the-ear-headphones-black/6363355.p?skuId=6363355 I lurk more nowadays, as well. Just picked up a set of these great sound and found it very much worth it over my old headset. Paired with a snowball ice for some crispy voice. Gonna have to clean the grounds on my Yuckon though.
  2. I am going with idk how to wire. I ran one power and ground to each block as they melted. I also have a bad ground. Did they ground to the case of the amp
  3. what some good sites for hosting pics? That way i can post some pictures again.

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. deathcards


      Got it rollin' just took a quick learn.

  4. congrats its a good thing you are not hitting -40 degrees. They don't like to start up in ND when its that cold.
  5. Was waiting for this to go into a jeep renegade since across seas it is known as a panda. Good looking Steve. From the box to the organized wires. edit sees seas close enough
  6. you can try to reduce the space in the box, but i would honestly just build a new box there are a few members that design boxes on here. Also try the old box if you can, you can sometimes get more of an idea of what the sub would like in the vehicle. I had a 12 that like my impala but not so much my yukon because of the box. and don't give it the nuts this is an experiment procedure choose a volume and do a before and after
  7. just found out i have had the wrong belt for years which is  93.5" (stretched with age of course so it looked damn near two inches too long). Stock size for my vehicle was 92.9". Now imagine my surprise pikadouche looking ass with a 92" wondering why it won't fit. Also if you have the 105 amp alternator it uses the same belt as a singer HO alt.

  8. all i did was add a time stamp? but on a serious note you could have a defective coil which slowly died versus say something as catastrophic as the wrench melting in seconds. tinsel lead could have come in contact with something it shouldn't. As for your fuse question it is wired in parallel (correct if i am wrong here folks) so your fuses blew in order of weakest to strongest in an attempt to protect your amp and by the 3 fuse it was making a racket as you could tell. I would check ground first remember to disconnect the rca's before you disconnect the ground, i would check the resistance of your speakers, then inspect your wires, and finally try a different input source. edit spelling
  9. if i remember correctly they have started on hearts but still perfecting them.
  10. lol that guy got roasted and the cops says its a small amount of weed
  11. 5.25v ouch. Each cell should hold 2.1-2.3v per cell (2.1 x 6 =12.6v) if i remember correctly pretty sure you have and internal short
  12. i understand this entirely i have to remember not everyone's taste buds are the same ....but some fucking beers are so close to filtered water it hurts
  13. https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/14967/227507/ had this tonight. It was good, but what a weird flavor to drink
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