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  1. i can't say how many times i had customers complain we were taking too long with a rotate, because of these little tinned capped nuts. Oh and if we 'damaged' one. We are never coming back... ford's also had a 13/16" lug people used the wrong socket (metric) on all the time, and then they would swell
  2. idk what is recommended but would he be able to poly fill/line the interior of the the box or is it too off spec.
  3. i understand this entirely i have to remember not everyone's taste buds are the same ....but some fucking beers are so close to filtered water it hurts
  4. https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/14967/227507/ had this tonight. It was good, but what a weird flavor to drink
  5. damn thought they were expensive before 12 years ago looks like they just need to sell one for a lawyer or something
  6. cutty you are killing me that like asking "can i run 6 different 15 in my trunk even though i don't have the proper space" or "my vehicle keeps turning off while running two 9ks"
  7. i don't quite understand, its a battle of pick and choose in today's market just as it was back then. sure efficiency went up, but there were some that still do great by today's quality amplifiers
  8. finally saved up enough after months to order parts to fix my yukon comp cams spring upgrade kit come with push rods which i need and summit racing upgraded ls rockers i believe are rebranded gm replacement rockers but cheaper so i bought those as well since i am sure i need more than just one rocker welp worse came to worse i can now tell i have a bad lifter or 2 ? gonna rebuild engine this spring<[belongs here] what doesn't> [i am done screwing with who ever went deep in this thing cause nothing, has been torqued right...finger tight ass bs then rockers not lined up right]
  9. i have a bad push rod (worn) on cylinder 8 exhaust valve i spent $560 on upgrade/replacment parts
  10. those two L brackets the only thing holding those down? gotta agree on the suspension/mounting being the issue not bass
  11. i would deny him with an asshole smile and said those are not my settings. i can quote you what it would be to replace. have a nice day
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