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  1. What is this SUB?

    elemental designs not sure which model
  2. 4 near misses people need to unass their heads 3 of which were within 5 minutes of each other what is so smart about people slamming on their brakes on the interstate
  3. Random Video Thread

  4. sister keeps opening the damn dishwasher and both her and my mom wondering why its not done why the fuck do you think its not done
  5. pron @ 1:03 btw i expected less after seeing internals i thought oh look a nice 500-600 watt rms amp boy was i wrong 😅
  6. my metabolism adjusted to heat for the first time in 5 years i am tired feel like crap but i can sit in 75 degree weather and not sweat. yay just in time for fall 😒
  7. Tweeters Distorting!

    not picking on you just seen a few things and don't know your level of education in audio, just been around, half gain is not just down a little
  8. i just keep getting call after call cause i bought another newer gm vehilcle