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  1. I am going with idk how to wire. I ran one power and ground to each block as they melted. I also have a bad ground. Did they ground to the case of the amp
  2. is it just me or does anybody else see a giant handle bar mustache on on these 4 runners btw clean build crap goatee i am dyslexic i feel its getting worse with age.
  3. Just an FYI if you are looking for something similar check out alpine and mtx versions may suit your need if you have issues finding some local. alpine is not powered my bad crude i struck out MTX only has 8"
  4. meat Enkei TX5 in front, and TS9 in the rear 30mm offset 18"x9.5". Running wheel adapters that space out 1.25". (blue loctite) Tires are Falken FK510 285/35/r18 square set up. Small amount of scrub up front needs alignment and suspension though. Now she handles though lol. Gonna do clear vinyl to protect fenders.
  5. Alright I know this took way to long but here we go https://imgur.com/WXetrep https://imgur.com/JS5F4X1 ...and the flop think i got it figured out (imgur) maybe sizing issue?
  6. what some good sites for hosting pics? That way i can post some pictures again.

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. deathcards


      Got it rollin' just took a quick learn.

  7. Gotta do the research now a days make sure its worth it. I dumped research into my wheels to make sure they fit but when the same third generation camaro has so many differences year to year. It is insane, to think how there is about 3 different backspacings and trying to figure which one i had.
  8. congrats its a good thing you are not hitting -40 degrees. They don't like to start up in ND when its that cold.
  9. you can check out american bass es1044 's heard the redesign has been good on them
  10. 4634/14.5v is not 336 amps 319.59 amps but i am sure there is something i am missing in the equation. 4634/336 amps is 13.79V there has to be something to this equation power isn't just coming from nowhere. unless frequency comes into play? edit we can't forget our friend under hood temps lowering output
  11. 2 year in their express lube literally threatened to quit after being pulled along for another two weeks for a position i requested in parts and discussed that i would start prior to those two weeks. I finally got to the parts depart., but wasn't ever given the resources to do my job to the fullest. It was a new and used dealership.
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