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  1. also had good year all adventures on my 02 yukon for several years they were rocks after that amount of time only put about 40,xxx miles on them 4/32 left did great in snow but steering input sorta sucked on mine was running 275 55 r20 took about 3 lanes to the left of me to do a u-turn
  2. bfg t/a k02 have a few friends with these on there jeeps if you can get past the immature thought of the tread looks kinda like a dick general grabber a/t my manager uses cooper at3 on his older tacoma defender ltx m/s seems good but might not get very good wear i saw someone with an armada (tank cough*) but didn't say if he did towing or not and i doubt he rotated correctly i seen too much working at an express lube https://www.discounttiredirect.com/buy-tires/falken-wildpeak-a-t3w/p/26514 i was looking at a set of these for a while was waiting on money but decided on a cheaper size and adjust speed with my hand held been asking around how they do in snow last year and people have said they were very happy with them in the snow and they quiet on the highway
  3. century link charged me taxes after i canceled services and paid them off now they want $104 from a build up of taxes and late fees since June 2017 or they are gonna take it out of my check are you fucking joking i am so sick of this fraudulent company. they can't even give you close to what you pay for, and so much for my perfect payments month after month. nvm they want the modem i don't have i was gonna say they should have been paid but their site has gone from good to worse on how to read the statements had a heck of a time reading through it
  4. how there seems to be so many meth addicts around lately scared somebody might stab me with a needle in MN, or ND my uncle just quit that shit cause he just about got divorced he would get such a temper it was unbearable to find out his daughter basically got him into it died in a car crash about a mile from my apt. because her boyfriend went to throw her pipe out the window i kept my distance because i knew i couldn't throw her far
  5. deathcards

    Random Video Thread

    what happens when you have too much tire rub lol
  6. don't forget they might have different protection systems
  7. some amp designs will try to ground through the rcas if they are hooked up before the ground is hooked up not sure if it is prevalent on higher powered amps
  8. on first install did you hook up power and ground before or after you hooked up the rca's
  9. deathcards

    Killing batteries please help!!

    what is this about a bolt under the back seat i would say that maybe something to check since its a shorter run than the other grounds. if i am reading that correctly. alternators i have had a lot of bad ones don't be suprised if it can't keep up or is partially failing. Of course i like to give a tug on all the big wires i noticed i had a loose one i could tighten down more.
  10. ass hat slammed on his brakes, cut me off, and i had to slow down on the shoulder something tells me i should have just hit that black bmw
  11. i know people told me not to but i don't listen well picked it up on the 14th traded my 06 lucerne for it 7500 out the door has 40,000 original was parked since 93 went to auction 4 years then it wasn't registered since 97 and parked in the corner of a garge dealer had original plates still on
  12. well that speaks for itself lol
  13. working on a ridiculously good deal on a 89 iroc-z rs

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    2. Karkov


      RS=rally sport, some only had V6's but they all had the nice body kit.

    3. Karkov


      NVM Iroc Z automatically means V8  lol

    4. deathcards


      has a 305 but its very healthy for what it is would love to swap a 400 small block blue print engine in but i see prices are up $3k since the last time i checked

      i also heard only some 305 weren't very powerful but idk how far i would throw somethings around anymore

      seeing how 287 cubic inch v8 can make over 1 thousand horsepower