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  1. also check gain if its too high clipping will increase power draw that isn't needed in the first place
  2. check your grounds for corrosion maybe not trying to grasp at straws but ya never know. what style lugs for the power and ground wires did you use i noticed the set screw style are not very good and you should use a crimp or solder job.
  3. I just read their first paragraph on terms/warranty/conditions page. barf* they do a 1 year factory warranty free but can upgrade to a two year for $100.
  4. a steel file is 6.5 on the mohs scale most agates have a hardness between 7-9 on the mohs scale so it took some good force. I am sure it was probably in the 8-8.5 range.
  5. Check power and ground connections Make sure ground is a proper ground Check to make sure gain isn't too high Check ground on the radio dirty in dirty out.
  6. what some good sites for hosting pics? That way i can post some pictures again.

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. deathcards


      Got it rollin' just took a quick learn.

  7. just found out i have had the wrong belt for years which is  93.5" (stretched with age of course so it looked damn near two inches too long). Stock size for my vehicle was 92.9". Now imagine my surprise pikadouche looking ass with a 92" wondering why it won't fit. Also if you have the 105 amp alternator it uses the same belt as a singer HO alt.

  8. working on a ridiculously good deal on a 89 iroc-z rs

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    2. Karkov


      RS=rally sport, some only had V6's but they all had the nice body kit.

    3. Karkov


      NVM Iroc Z automatically means V8  lol

    4. deathcards


      has a 305 but its very healthy for what it is would love to swap a 400 small block blue print engine in but i see prices are up $3k since the last time i checked

      i also heard only some 305 weren't very powerful but idk how far i would throw somethings around anymore

      seeing how 287 cubic inch v8 can make over 1 thousand horsepower

  9. still can't afford a new graphics card cause of people buying and reselling... atleast my 7970 still kicking butt

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