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  1. When did buttons become a premium on double dins and "might" touch screens  become cheap? touch screens don't always work for me don't know why.

    1. ChevyBoy95


      Probably when technology advanced enough to make touch screens cheap and easy to implement over adding discrete components needed to add knobs/buttons to radios. Less moving parts.

  2. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sennheiser-momentum-wireless-noise-canceling-over-the-ear-headphones-black/6363355.p?skuId=6363355 I lurk more nowadays, as well. Just picked up a set of these great sound and found it very much worth it over my old headset. Paired with a snowball ice for some crispy voice. Gonna have to clean the grounds on my Yuckon though.
  3. I am going with idk how to wire. I ran one power and ground to each block as they melted. I also have a bad ground. Did they ground to the case of the amp
  4. what some good sites for hosting pics? That way i can post some pictures again.

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. deathcards


      Got it rollin' just took a quick learn.

  5. congrats its a good thing you are not hitting -40 degrees. They don't like to start up in ND when its that cold.
  6. Was waiting for this to go into a jeep renegade since across seas it is known as a panda. Good looking Steve. From the box to the organized wires. edit sees seas close enough
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