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  1. Also understand that a 15 or a 12 in a more appropriate box will probably be louder than that 18 in a wrong sized box. There is a lot of trade off when the enclosure is too small or too big
  2. exhaust has been rusting out past my exhaust muffler passenger side completely rusted off sounds cool but feels a bit dirty
  3. with a design like this depending where the subs are you could shave off 15-20% of the port volume off i think and much higher tuning than intended. Your feeling of more potential i will say is more than correct at this moment in my opinion.
  4. lol that guy got roasted and the cops says its a small amount of weed
  5. i worked for a kia, lincoln, and mazda dealership. i finally got out of that stress hole about 2 months ago. p.s. i can't type today or gramar
  6. i can't say how many times i had customers complain we were taking too long with a rotate, because of these little tinned capped nuts. Oh and if we 'damaged' one. We are never coming back... ford's also had a 13/16" lug people used the wrong socket (metric) on all the time, and then they would swell
  7. idk what is recommended but would he be able to poly fill/line the interior of the the box or is it too off spec.
  8. i understand this entirely i have to remember not everyone's taste buds are the same ....but some fucking beers are so close to filtered water it hurts
  9. https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/14967/227507/ had this tonight. It was good, but what a weird flavor to drink
  10. damn thought they were expensive before 12 years ago looks like they just need to sell one for a lawyer or something
  11. cutty you are killing me that like asking "can i run 6 different 15 in my trunk even though i don't have the proper space" or "my vehicle keeps turning off while running two 9ks"
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