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  1. i swear every since my mom divorced my dad she has lost IQ points left and right :/ its concerning and since she assumed shit she won't get back with him
  2. damn i have to go to work and i am getting all teary eyed good save steve
  3. car crossed the 4 yellow lines before the clip started i agree both should do time there are a few clips floating around
  4. my mom has nothing nice to say ffs keep hearing about my dad this my dad that blah blah fuckity blah blah, i don't believe it anymore nor have i said, "i wanted to listen to it" i told leave me the fuck out of it last i had an outburst
  5. irresponsible smokers apartment fires moving all the useless shit i have to throw while moving cause i forgot to. this is a good and bad thing sleeping on the floor for more than one day still looking for shit new apartment has more stairs also 3rd floor again 😅 3rd floor to 3rd floor moves (no shit lost 10lbs in 5 days) /rant why do i have so much heavy shit
  6. thats cause them some clean square bodies 👍
  7. why its the right thread
  8. easier to get a good connection vs. 5 or 6 lugs on top of each other where maybe one or two get a good connection or even none
  9. i know i had two tabs opened and left this one at the end and thought it was the pissed off thread lol
  10. Language barriers are complete pain in the ass. Same with people touching cars, that have no clue about today's automotive systems or parts. my mother is still pissed off about something from 10 fucking years ago are serious and says that person needs to grow up, but you haven't talked to her in 10 years. this is one hell of a hump day
  11. parts manager is out for a week same people keep calling computers are also acting up at work