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  1. I can't say enough for my brakes in my camaro, however I wish blind people couldn't drive testing brakes 3 times a day is annoying and hard on the car.
  2. FYI shouldn't throw things that heavy at your back glass that competition grade will get ya
  3. i am feeling feels right now. why? where did they come from?
  4. i discovered a furry critter in my engine shroud. This yukon demands blood and if it isn't me, its deer and rabbit bits First it hit a shoulder of a deer that 9 other cars hit. Now it killed a rabbit with its fan blades. What a hellish noise that engine made though. I thought it was done till i seen a cloud of fur after i shut it off. edit* and the smell before i hit the highway (yes i removed it before i started it a again)
  5. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sennheiser-momentum-wireless-noise-canceling-over-the-ear-headphones-black/6363355.p?skuId=6363355 I lurk more nowadays, as well. Just picked up a set of these great sound and found it very much worth it over my old headset. Paired with a snowball ice for some crispy voice. Gonna have to clean the grounds on my Yuckon though.
  6. also check gain if its too high clipping will increase power draw that isn't needed in the first place
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