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  1. pretty sure my apt. neighbor has two prostitues, a girlfriend and an ex-wife i could be wrong cause i am assuming and my assumptions are usually wrong
  2. lookin good internal thoughts going analog "looking good Mr. redundant"
  3. CC-1 + Brazilian Amplifiers

    there are likely other things causing distortion before you hit what you are looking for check voltage at amp check ground are few things to check btw usually you don't have to turn gain up too much btw what is bass boost at
  4. mr. mtx jackhammer

    i should read what section things get put it
  5. mr. mtx jackhammer

    i am with Wishuponasub in my honest opinion i have to say they are a bragging rights sub and with how old those large subs are i would say there is same size and cheaper for better unless they redesigned them at a point of which i have no clue btw what is the recommended space on those things like 10 cubic feet
  6. i can't post a reaction but i have to say i completely agree
  7. let me guessing moving somewhere better (happy) but the fact of moving still pisses you off on a side note got my stereo going again them good vibes after two months of bs
  8. that garage is beautiful
  9. found out my tapping noise was a pcv valve (thought it was a lifter on it way out) pulled out the pcv valve it was slammed into the top and stuck there lol
  10. trying to get my god damn money from state farm as my agent is gone or at lunch or golfing 90% asked him to transfer to some people in town as i am 100 miles away. He hung up on me, and on the people i am transferring to probably gonna go to corp.
  11. smd fuse holder is here, now just to get a charger for my ultra caps and get my subs beating again

  12. fargo drivers getting more mental by the day since july 5th dealing with certain disrespectful customers (this week) dealing with people yelling in my hallway when i went to lay down for bed (yesterday) the douche that blares his stereo at 11pm-1am when he comes home
  13. larges don't fit me in the shoulders and xl is overall too big except the shoulders