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  1. i know people told me not to but i don't listen well picked it up on the 14th traded my 06 lucerne for it 7500 out the door has 40,000 original was parked since 93 went to auction 4 years then it wasn't registered since 97 and parked in the corner of a garge dealer had original plates still on
  2. well that speaks for itself lol
  3. working on a ridiculously good deal on a 89 iroc-z rs

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    2. Karkov


      RS=rally sport, some only had V6's but they all had the nice body kit.

    3. Karkov


      NVM Iroc Z automatically means V8  lol

    4. deathcards


      has a 305 but its very healthy for what it is would love to swap a 400 small block blue print engine in but i see prices are up $3k since the last time i checked

      i also heard only some 305 weren't very powerful but idk how far i would throw somethings around anymore

      seeing how 287 cubic inch v8 can make over 1 thousand horsepower

  4. Random Video Thread

    is it wrong i wanna see his method on an A-weighted amp
  5. performance companies boasting intakes that don't necessarily comply with their numbers beefing up engine...dyno...then put intake manifold on....dyno [pretty much built to work with intake better] i wanna see stock...dyno....then intake manifold...dyno and then maybe a boosted setup it can be deceiving
  6. this comment is biased i have never heard of tough stuff and i am pointing fingers at it i noticed the wire coming from the alternator is very small i suggest upgrading to a thicker wire
  7. check voice coil resistance see if you have an issue there as well also check 14v with no subs hooked up btw don't forget to unhook rcas before unhooking grounds
  8. 3 tailgaters 1 of which cut me off... done driving tonight before a road rage incident/accident occurs tailgating + ice + accident = one emotional me which i would not be sure how it goes
  9. you know somebody got cut off lol
  10. not so much pissed but sad they got rid of my pasta bread bowl at dominoes
  11. it just keeps coming i foresee an expensive maintenance bill
  12. for those that like their coffee molten
  13. on second thought i will have water
  14. rent just went up thanks for the month notice ass hats