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  1. it just keeps coming i foresee an expensive maintenance bill
  2. for those that like their coffee molten
  3. on second thought i will have water
  4. rent just went up thanks for the month notice ass hats
  5. i feel bad for anybody who tailgates him
  6. ** RCA's **

    i cried the day i crunched mine in my seat hinge (seats fold down) in my yukon thank fully they have so much insulation it still works
  7. ajit you have lowered the quality of internet i have sat at the same screen for 5 minutes on another site add another 5 minutes i would like my $2.33 please
  8. crescendo bc2000 only doing 1000rms, why?

    am i the only one noticing the squaring off at the bottom of the waves its bugging me he tested it when he had voltage key word when was your gain that loose after you got it back from crescendo?
  9. still can't afford a new graphics card cause of people buying and reselling... atleast my 7970 still kicking butt

  10. 02 yukon flex fuel 5.3l transmission 3k miles ago 188,xxx about to do an oil change today
  11. Best SSD for Gaming.

    i really question my luck streak and i am getting worried lol
  12. Best SSD for Gaming.

    i didn't see two brands so i will give my personal experience with them sandisk ultra II 120GB been running for couple years now have been great to me g. skill phoenix III 120GB 1st made it 6 months, 2nd died in a year both also became unrecognizable by mine and others computers