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  1. Its steel. šŸ˜œ Sorry after reading all the partial words I am a bit annoyed. Also, I swear if I have to order more of these KIA radios cause of him I will make him start building them. I have ordered way too many.
  2. Already feeling net neutrality repeal are you serious its not just providers that throttle. FFS this is a damn joke. The so called power of the FCC and FTC are already being pulled apart in courts destroying what power they had
  3. keep having to listen to shit/drama about others lives thats gone on for years with someone that hasn't left and has been told to leave him its a skipping record my mother just keeps playing and i wonder why i want to live alone my mom just thinks i don't know anything but i can read people like the back of my hand through other signs that give it away
  4. i have headphones on anyone else hear mechanical noise past the paper btw be careful with rebass/boosted (/cooker) songs they can be distorted not to mention clipped from trying to get more by boucing a sound wave off the decibel ceiling and then your playing squares by the way with current advancement to speakers and subwoofers the bl doesn't really apply anymore in my opinion (good reputable brands) anyways unless chasing spl records maybe idk been out of my research circle for a few years fs will change with enclosure and other variables ahhh sundowns muddy? not my stereo i get more compliments from young to old about how clean it is and still being loud (though i don't think i am that loud)
  5. what is your bass boost at? it tends to deform things around 40 hz
  6. don't for get your vehicles electronics may not be compatible with the higher voltage so you might need something to bring the voltage down to 14v for the safety of the vehicles electronics
  7. i was gonna say my yukon isn't gutless but then i had realization of cai, american racing headers/full exhaust, iat sensor mod, jet maf ( basically screen removed gm maf), hypertech hyperpak, 39 lb fast injectors, taylor cable wires, msd coil packs (a true tuner would lover my truck šŸ˜…)
  8. Gaming Keyboard

    i must of gotten lucky with my k70 then i ordered from newegg
  9. Need help finding my perfect subwoofer

    enclosure will make the biggest difference fs is just a resonance frequency free air not in an enclosure someone correct me if i am wrong very tired right now and got to be up at 2am
  10. didn't sae line have a gain knob not a bass knob?
  11. Critique my design/help with port

    btw number of ports combines width and height and diameter and goes down the middle on tuning this is weird just wanna make sure on accuracy
  12. Critique my design/help with port

    but that is why your port is "too complicated to design" nvm forgot it does that once the port curves
  13. Critique my design/help with port

    take out diameter on torres its used for round ports it can change your tuning i believe
  14. wasn't there something said about isolators here i need to look now btw i would fuse front and back of power wire between batteries i personally wouldn't run an isolator i think they strain the secondary battery and amp