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I have 2 Sundown SA12's, 1000 watts on each in a sealed down fire box,  individual chambers,  1 cubic foot each.  Sounds great,  it's a single cab truck so space is limited,  the box acts as a center console. After some research, I found that a sealed box is less efficient than a ported box, and who doesn't want more bang for their buck?


I want to build a bow through using an Aero port style port with only the pvc port coming through the rear wall of the truck,  haven't seen any similar designs so research is difficult.  Hoping I can use the box I already have,  modified to be the sealed portion of a 4th order style bandpass,  Aero through the back wall, is this feasible, any help or advice would be great,  thanks. 




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I think I understand what your wanting to do but let me save you the head ache of trying to create an airtight connection between a ported portion of a 4th order and the sealed section you already have.... If you do decide to go for a 4th order start with a new box imoh then you can easily adjust the ratio without any limiting factors like the current box dimensions you have

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