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1 ohm. That will make the amps see a strapped 2 ohm load. Gain matching is another option. Wire to 1 ohm on each sub then set 1 amp gain clean and use a dmm to match the second amp to the first amp.

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Wire your sub to 4 ohm. Each amp will 'see' 2 ohm

Amp power output: V*A
Voltage: Power supply internal to the amp
Amperage: How meaty the traces, internal components are, etc

Bridging the amp: Doubles voltage

Ohms law: I=V/R. Or, amperage is voltage divided by resistance

So, to maintain the same amperage when doubling the voltage, you need to double the resistance, or in this case, inductive load, so that I=2V/2R, else you'll end up with 2I=2V/R which would be wired below rated.

If you wired your driver to 1 ohm and bridged it, each amp would see 0.5 ohm and you'd risk hardware damage.

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