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    Breaking in an 18" subwoofer questions

    Didn't read the comments Break in refers to a process, not a step. Your sub will loosen during use, it's not a separate step you need to undergo prior to installing it. The only time you'd really need to go to any length to break in a sub is if you have multiples in a given enclosure with shared airspace and are reconing/replacing one of them. Aside from that, toss the fuckers in and let 'em go
  2. I've been about growing paranoid with passwords lately. Seems like you always hear of a hack for this or that every week. Here's my problem: I try to have different passwords for stuff, but I can only remember so many. Especially on those sites I only use a few times a year. It's enough to make my head spin. What's the most secure way to store them? I mean, obviously digital anything is prone to being hacked. Pen and paper? Is there a secure way to store them digitally? paper gets lost, wet, etc What about password generation? Right now, my passwords are kinda derivatives of one another to make it easier to remember. Some sort of random number generator would be ideal, would eliminate the possibility of figuring out my other passwords through some sort of machine learning. But again, that comes with the caveat of having some way to store them. No way in hell I'd be able to remember 80-100 strings of different characters
  3. SnowDrifter

    Proper password practices

    Great info, much appreciated! Time to get to work
  4. You know when you get something from Amazon and they're packed in an absurdly large box? It's not just your product, but the products around them
  5. Trying to plan out a new computer. Long story short, need to run a liquid cooler, couldn't find a TR4 compatible air cooler with the cooling capacity I wanted that wouldn't block the first PCIe lane. So I'm looking into an AIO as I don't have the desire or means to mess with a custom loop. However, the issue I'm running into is I keep finding them with mixed metals. Things like a copper cold plate and an aluminum radiator. I'm starting to go a bit cross eyed trying to find one that's either all copper or all aluminum. So what's out there? Are there any with homogeneous metals in the loop?
  6. SnowDrifter

    ** VM-1 & OM-1 **

    Well, it depends on what you want to measure Generally you'll want to attach the leads closest to the point you want to know the value of, whether it be your alternator, amp, battery, head unit, etc etc.
  7. Lets suppose you're working on a project and need CA activator but you for one reason or another don't have any. I just messed around with some alterantives 1. Baking soda. Just the plain powder stuff you get at the store. Sprinkle it on there liberally. Pros: Works well, mixed reports that it adds structural strength to the glue Cons: Messy 2. Baking soda + water Pros: Less messy than the powder stuff, but requires use of a spray bottle Cons: Takes longer than plain baking soda. Hardening starts in minutes rather than seconds 3. Denatured alcohol (ethanol?) Pros: Least messy, evaporates quickly Cons: Seems to have been hit or miss in my testing. Takes a very liberal application. high risk of 'blooming' 4** denatured alcohol would not dissolve baking soda. A 30/70 mix of alcohol and water to dissolve the baking soda allowed a small amount to dissolve, but seemed to work no better than water+baking soda due to a long evaporation time Hope this helps someone
  8. Little plug for a friend of a friend who just started
  9. Little dietary question for y'all Traditionally I've lived a more sedentary lifestyle. As of recent, been trying to change that. Been doing the 'Keto' diet since october(ish) of last year. Worked well for that lifestyle. Even lost a small amount of weight on it. But being that it's damn near carbless, doesn't on paper work well for things like weight lifting which require glucose. So, has anyone tried weight lifting doing both keto and without? Was there any notable difference between the two? I ask because it's kind of a pain in the ass to get the whole ketogenic process started once off it.
  10. That's wild Wonder what the noise reduction is. I know there are a lot of variables, but is there an estimated [email protected] reduction that's expected to be offered?
  11. Getting a shit grade because of a shit instructor I hate to be the guy that blames the teacher. But I'm going to be that guy. Dude never had clear expectations on either written assignments or tests. And his lectures were about incomprehensible. Think: Power point in paragraph format, lots of typos throughout, and he slow mumbled the entire time. Bahhhhh
  12. Man it's weird. This guy is an absolute wizard at photoshop. But take one step outside that program and he's hilariously lost. I don't get how that's possible
  13. Those look nice. Curious decision to step away from the dual magnet design. Are these still the SMD style dual coil, with 2 individual winding in 2 gaps?
  14. Oh. My. God. I just spent the last 10 minutes on the phone with him trying to tell him how to hook up a monitor and that YES, it does indeed need to be plugged into the wall. And yes, you need an HDMI cable. No you don't need to use the other ports on the back of the GPU. Yes they're there. Yes they're there for a reason. Yes it's for backwards compatibility. Yes there are different display protocols for different bandwidth requirements. No a VGA cable won't work. No VGA cables WONT WORK Then he can't figure out screen resolution. So at this point I try to get a remote desktop connection established because no way in hell I'd be able to explain that. So then I need to explain for another 10 minutes that remote desktop doesn't mean a wireless monitor. Fuuuucking hell we're an hour into this and he still doesn't have his monitor hooked up. Like.. I set the thing up to be PnP. All he needed to do is plug in a screen and go. To those of you who work in tech support and deal with this on a daily basis: My condolences. I literally couldn't do it
  15. Buddy got some new HW over the weekend. Need intake fans but it works for the short term
  16. We post enough of these that it may be worth it's own thread. APP anyone?
  17. I think pothole from hell sums this one up perfectly
  18. SnowDrifter

    AIO liquid coolers worth a damn

    Yeah my first choice was air. But there's a space constraint in play that won't allow me to fit a large enough air cooler Was looking at NZXT. 6 year warranty is pretty appealing but supposedly both them and Corsair are made by asetek, which just adds to the confusion when there's a lot of talk about corsair having weak pumps. Lots of stuff to think about. If you have any first hand experience with some I'm all ears. Always tough to narrow something down in a huge market. The 2 points I'm looking for are a 360mm radiator and TR4 socket compatibility
  19. I know right? I'm so tired of everyone saying your eyes can't see past 60fps. They can! And everything feels so much snappier too. Little less input lag
  20. 120hz On a 60hz display No, I don't know when to leave well enough alone
  21. Oh shit it's the 5-0, better go slow Cop: Ain't no body got time for this