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  1. Software. Period. Jesus christ it's becoming a meme with how terrible the stuff is any more. Today, it's music streaming Spotify: Lets trim features Removal of swipe down to search on Android, requiring extra button presses Removal of swipe down to pull up the navigation pane on android while listening Removal of the playlist radio function on desktop A software update that entirely removes my UI in android auto when I lose connection. I can't navigate my playlist despite having songs downloaded for offline use. OK fine I'll go elsewhere Hmm I have amazon prime. Lets give this a shot No import function Ask Amazon They removed that feature..... I have many more gripes but I'm going to leave it just at this. If I went full rant it would end up being multiple pages long LOL I might just go back to the dark days of ripping CDs from the library.
  2. Is this Steve's hoe back in the day? Saw it as a stock image on a different site while poking around at suspension stuff
  3. Hey @sundownz @xspoweryour partner link images on the right side pane are being fussy. 

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      Fixed! Thanks! :) 

  4. This is why I can't have nice things
  5. I added thread tape and sealed the thing up with butyl - won't crack or dry. Been fine so far with me hosing it down + going through a touchless wash. Haven't had rain yet though.. Figures. Get rain for a week straight then the moment I actually want some it's no-show LOL
  6. 05 tahoe I hate to be the guy that makes the I need help now threads... But I have 2 days to diagnose and repair this thing before I go back to campus and have no tools or work area. So... Yeah.. Need to get er done asap Saw some drips on my rear passenger side seat. Looked up, saw a wet spot in the head liner. So... What all exists that can cause this? I'm fully intending to tear into it tomorrow, but I'd like to have a plan or idea of what to look for going into it rather than floundering around. Interior work ain't a strong suit of mine. Inner door seal? Latch adjustment not providing adequate pressure on the seals? If so, is there an adjustment for it? Sunroof drains? Of note: I pulled back the sun shade and felt around in the trough. Didn't feel any water or moisture. Not sure if that's conclusive or not. I don't ever open the sun roof. The mechanism bound up and shredded the plastic pieces a couple years ago and I busted one of the plastic bits up there during assembly. Said fuck it at that point and just aligned the glass. Wasn't worth it to me since I don't really care for sunroofs anyway.
  7. I do mine every 2-5k w/ synthetic. Depends on how much I'm short tripping it. 140k on it original gaskets and it doesn't leak a drop, no lifter tick, etc. If it ain't broke, don't fix it *shrug*
  8. This truck is mocking me so bad Had the hose on it for an hour. All angles. Not a drop Pull the head liner half way down, so I can see, spray it for another hour, still nothing. Based on where it was wet I'm thinking it's the roof rack screws Established its not the door seal Water wasnt in the right spot relative to the sunroof plumbing so I don't think it's that either I think I'm going to go ahead and put some sealant on the rack screws. Any suggestions? Thread tape? Rtv? Butyl? Crush washers?
  9. Mine is falling apart, time to get a new one. Looking to hear from you guys since everyone claims theirs is the best LOL Desires features: - >=1080p - GPS w/ speed overlay - Good low light performance. This one is a deal breaker for me - I do a lot of night driving - Hard wire / 12v plug unimportant either way - Built in screen unimportant either way - Dual cam front/back preferred. Interior cam unimportant either way - Built in battery / key off timer preferred
  10. SnowDrifter

    Sub up or back in a forester?

    I had good results subs up port back in my '03
  11. So where's SRP?

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      Pun not intended @Quiet

      His avatar kinda gives him away lmao

  12. Buddy got a free 970. There's a reason it was free. It's FUCKED. The entire power supply side of the card has burnt traces. Then there's the moisture damage present basically everywhere
  13. In before @hdorre reminds me about fuses
  14. Every page this car gets gayer and gayer More suitable for the loose nut behind the wheel IMO
  15. SnowDrifter

    will adding spiders change my qms?

    Stiffer suspension = lower qms iirc. Been a while since I fussed with thiele small infos
  16. 1. The beat of music is a regularly repeating pulse. Whereas the pulse is an accentuated piece of the music such as a kick drum, note change, etc. By extension, this means that there requires more power to produce those pulses. Now as to why the headlights dim: I'm going to rely on the assumption that they are standard halogen lights. A. Without going excessively far into wavelength emittance along the visible spectrum, or changes in resistivity over heat; A halogen light is a heating element - a resistor. The power this draws from the electrical system can be calculated by v^2/r, where v is the voltage at the headlight, and r is the resistance of the headlight. B. Everything has resistance. Wiring, battery, will all have voltage drop through them as a result of current demand and resistance. Then you have the differential between charge voltage of the alternator and the resting voltage at the battery when it will begin converting chemical energy to electrical. Add to that there's a response time in the alternator between when the voltage changes from its set point, then the regulator changes the power going to the rotor. So what this all means, is if you have a sharp change in power requirements, you get a change in voltage of the system of your vehicle. Each beat, or pulse in the music, will cause this. You can also see the effect if you roll your window up/down then toggle the switch while the window is at the limit of its travel 2. Bearing in mind the info from 1. There are 2 ways you can eliminate this dimming issue 1. Use a headlight that has its own power supply that will provide a stable output independent of the input. An LED or HID would work in this scenario 2. Rig up a capacitor and a diode at the headlight such that the effect of these temporary voltage dips are mitigated such that any dimming that occurs isn't visible to the eye any more
  17. I can't comprehend why this is even an article. Dogs eat everything, independent of whether it should be eaten, or for that matter, if it's even edible. This falls under standard puppy proofing. If you own a dog and don't understand this you're a dumb shit who shouldn't have one