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Rigid led lights change in quality?

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Howdy everyone, I was looking into some Rigid led bars and pods and i heard that they changed the quality of lights. They are saying the new lights are brighter, I think i was watching a video about the old driving pods vs new and the new pods had 1000+ lumen more. Do you think anything changed from the old vs the new other than the case? 
here is what the old ones look like, The pair i own:

and here is the new style:

My dad bought a pair of floods for his RZR but i haven't had the time to really mess with them. I did take them out of the box and the finish of the new style is kind of disappointing. feels like regular paint and the old style finish feels more robust. I've seen a lot more negative reviews with the new stuff compared to the old. Maybe its just getting more popular and people don't know how to properly use it or know what to order? It wouldn't be a fair test to put the driving lights up against the floods. Do you guys have experience with the new lights? know anyone who does?

1997 subaru legacy outback

2 Atomic Apocalypse 8's

Rockford Fosgate t2500-1bdcp

Rockford Fosgate T400-4

Kenwood comp's


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