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I want to apologize to Mr. Meade. Recently we has a disagreement regarding some equipment I purchased from him. I purchased a DD-1 that came with a battery. The battery had a very low charge so  the unit did not work. I replaced that battery with an Energizer Silver battery and Wah Lah that unit worked. But I spoke to Mr. Meade and suggested he practice what he preaches. Mr. Meade stated that he would never send a unit out with a battery as SMD does not do that. Well needless to say I was perturbed because I knew the battery was shipped with the unit, it was in the box. Well I checked with Amazon since that's where I purchased the unit from. SMD uses Ebay and Amazon I chose Amazon. Per Amazon when they get returns for this product and if they deem it to still be brand new they send it back out to consumers who order this product. I explained to Amazon that, they sold me a used product at new prices. So Amazon sent UPS out to my house to pick up the unit and refund me my money. Mr. Meade is a man of his word and I sincerely APOLOGIZE for doubting you. I want to re-purchase another unit but at this point I do not trust AMAZON and I don't know what Ebay might send so, it looks like I will have to find another way. Again Mr. Meade I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE to you .... Thank You

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You can purchase it here... Directly from the SMD store. 



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Singer 250amp Alt, Singer PCM bypass harness

Big 3 W/ dual runs of power/ground. All 1/0awg OFC

Sundown SFB3K amp, Waiting on two 15" Fi SSD subs

Next Level Fabrication @ 7 cubes net, tuned to 32HZ 

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