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  1. Hit them up on Facebook. I never got tracking until I asked them on Facebook... Then they gave it to me and I was able to call FedEx and ask them to hold the packages so I could come pick them up.
  2. Good deal bro! According to the tracking, My subs may be here tomorrow. Did you finally get an email, or did you ask for it directly on Facebook?
  3. Yup. I got that email Friday... Still no tracking number though. I sent an email asking for a tracking number over the weekend, but haven't received a reply yet.
  4. Ok thanks man, hopefully I get the tracking Monday then LOL Ah, that makes sense. I will have to set that up as well... Be useful for future deliveries.
  5. Did you get your tracking number at the same time as this email?
  6. I got the "your order has shipped" email but no tracking number...
  7. They definitely play by their own rules when designing motors. I'm torn... I am kind of glad I ordered the SSDs before the switch coming up, but kind of not at the same time... New subs mean more orders and they already are having a hard time keeping up.. plus they're still debating having a black Friday sale... So if I waited, it would've taken EVEN LONGER... Plus I like the look of the motor on the version I got... Triple+ stacks just make me happy... Not that I'll ever see that once in the box... So that's not really a deciding factor... But I love the look of the thicker foam surround on the new SSD... Which probably also means it will play lower frequencies, but I don't really play anything lower than 30, and any of Fi subs can handle that in the proper enclosure... The specs will be the deciding factor in whether or not I feel some buyers remorse once these are released... If the difference between these new SSD and the version I have ends up being similar to the Sundown X vs U, with the new SSD being more like the X, I won't really regret it... Sundown X and U have similar power handlings, but the X goes lower, also likes a bigger box, but lots of people have said the U was better on a larger variety of music and many have gotten higher SPL readings with the U... Then again install and enclosure always makes the biggest difference... I guess we will see... I'm sure I'll be more than happy with my setup regardless.
  8. Looking great. Loads of storage space now. Maybe it'll last you a few months before every shelf is full and you need more room again LOL... We need you to cut some subwoofer keychains, even incorporate a bottle opener in em, with those machines and sell them on the site!!
  9. Oh and just in case anyone doesnt know.... Fi is making another SSD sub that will be released before long. These picture come from a charity raffle, where Fi donated the first publicly shown new version.... These are the only pictures i have seen so far though. But the new version is supposed to be closer to the old UFO Q.
  10. I'm getting impatient.... So impatient.... I can't even find many pictures online or on Facebook of the v3 SSD 15s to look at to hold me over while I wait. SEND ME MY SUBWOOFERS... Please... Pretty please... With a cherry on top?
  11. I asked them today when will my order ship, i also got the same update email as you on the 15th, and they told me these orders will likely ship next week.... I was really hoping they would ship this week but doesn't look like it... Just thought id give you a heads up as well.
  12. Most people that drive fords whine at some point Try these steps to eliminate the engine noise/whine if grounding doesn't help... https://learn.sonicelectronix.com/how-to-eliminate-engine-noise/ As for the voltage... 14.1 to 14.5 is nothing to be too concerned with. I got lithium and a HO alternator and cold I'm at 14.8 average. Varying between 14.6-15v Once it's warmed up I sit at 14v average. It varies between 13.9-14.2.... Before the PCM bypass I couldn't get over 13.5 cold and 13.1 hot, so I'm happy... As far as being lonely... Get a dog... Cheaper than a woman, they complain less, and even when you screw up they're still happy to see you!
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