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  1. Of fishing or the system? There's not enough bandwidth to handle all of my fishing pictures lol... Here's a few from the last couple weeks.
  2. Hit them up on Facebook. I never got tracking until I asked them on Facebook... Then they gave it to me and I was able to call FedEx and ask them to hold the packages so I could come pick them up.
  3. I fish at least once, sometimes 3-4 times EVERY week nearly year round. I'm addicted. I have a kayak, a bass boat and a MicroSkiff. I go through phases of freshwater and saltwater... But really I fish both pretty regularly. Lately I been tearing up the redfish, snook, trout and sharks. And as it gets colder the redfish bite will keep getting better. Caught a big spanish mackerel a couple days ago too. Went out this evening and the motor wouldn't start. Changed the spark plugs and noticed the oil had just as much gas in it as oil. The motor is a 2016 four stroke.
  4. For me it would be fishing, I love fishing more than car audio... Hell i would go fishing in Xmas day if my wife and kids wouldn't kill me when I got back LOL No vids yet... I haven't ever posted a car audio video... I'll give it a try some time though. Haha, man a buddy of mine from Facebook told me that too... I had to create a Instagram account just to check it out. A few people took my pictures off one Facebook group and posted them on like 7 other Facebook groups and on instagram. I guess they like my setup lol
  5. LOL I can't take presents on credit... I'll be tapped out until my death
  6. LOL no worries bro. I would of just sat back and laughed And you were 100% right. It's a mandatory thing now. I'll have to wait until after Xmas though. My son's birthday is in a few days and then Thanksgiving and Xmas... Money will be tight..... Or maybe I'll ask the wife to get me a mids and highs amp for Xmas hmm.... That sounds like a good plan lol And thanks brother!
  7. Man... Where was this golden advice at 10 weeks ago... 1 dual 12 and 1 Sony xplode 10 would of been AWESOME I've upgraded my speakers before starting on the bass... Nothing fancy, Just with some Kenwood's, but I do really like how they sound... But now the bass is over powering them... I'm hoping just adding a mids/high amp will make them loud enough to hear the words over the bass lol
  8. Yeah, to be fair, the Sundown SA classics 12s had less cone area, were only rated at 750rms each, only a 3K watt amp, and no lithium, just a regular 60ah SLA battery... So even setting the the 5k amp to 2500 watts it's still likely doing just as much or more power with the increased cone area on subs rated at 1500 each and electrical upgrades to support it. Technically they should... Scratch that... THEY BETTER BE AN UPGRADE LOL. And I'm finally, truly, happy with this setup. I will keep this setup for a good long time unless I turn the amp up and the subs blow... The
  9. First the good..... I got them in and set the amp to about 2500 watts. I want to break them in for a bit on clean low power. They're already louder than the 2 Sundown 12s even just sharing 2500 watts. But what's really nice, and what really makes me happy is the sound quality, they sound so clean and deep. The sound also travels further and shakes my metal garage more too. I've only tested from 30-50 hz tones and it played all of those with ease. I don't really listen to anything that really plays under 30hz much, but I'll test some mid to high 20s in the d
  10. I'm all set now! Time to get them in the 4runner and start tuning.
  11. Good deal bro! According to the tracking, My subs may be here tomorrow. Did you finally get an email, or did you ask for it directly on Facebook?
  12. First things first.... What amp? And will the sub be dual 2 or dual 4 ohm? That listing is for a dual 2 ohm sub, which can not be wired to 2 ohm. Just wanting to make sure they match up before anything else. Also note that even if you got a dual 4 ohm sub and wired it to 2 ohms on a very efficient amp, after impedance rise the sub will never see a real 1000 watts RMS. As frequencies change impedance changes and the amp produces different amounts of power, same thing with voltage, as voltage drops the amount of power produced by the amp drops... So even with a 1000 rms amp, even
  13. Yup. I got that email Friday... Still no tracking number though. I sent an email asking for a tracking number over the weekend, but haven't received a reply yet.
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