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  1. LoL i most likely will. Wife is working from 8am-8pm Saturday and Sunday... Plus both of my kids will be gone all weekend... So I'm sure I'll be out in the garage enjoying a few cold ones and installing the amp Saturday. I may go ahead and order the SSDs next week... Even though the box won't be here for a while. Looks like Fi builds them to order so I should get my order in soon anyways.
  2. Got my 3K amp in today. Prolly won't hook it up until I get the 15s and new box... Maybe... I dunno. I might get bored and hook it up on the 12s just to see how they do with a little more power. I was pretty set on getting the 15" SAv2s from Sundown... But now I'm thinking I may get the Fi SSD 15s. Heard a few Fi builds recently and really like their subs too. More options, Customizable, American made, more xmax, bigger voice coil, same price after shipping and I like the looks... Also thought about the DC level 3s, Deaf Bonce Apocalypse SA275s, and Wolfram AG-15s... But out of all of the 1000-1500rms 15" subs that I've read up on, I keep going back to sundown or Fi. And I think Fi will likely win this time. But who knows... I still have a couple weeks before my box gets started, so I may change my mind... AGAIN LOL.
  3. I feel like if you have quality gear, and everything is set correctly and properly powered you should have no worries playing music for hours... Otherwise, what's the point? I understand if it's a competition burp setup... But for daily driver type setups I wouldn't want a setup that I was scared to turn up and let play for an hour or 2 straight at the max clean volume. I have been on multiple 2 hour plus, one way, trips and let my music jam both ways. But I also learned at the last show... I wouldn't want a 155+ db setup in my daily driver these days, because it's just too loud to comfortably listen to for long periods while driving and it damages the vehicle.
  4. I'd suggest selling the W7 and getting 2 (same) 10s or 12s and building a good ported box to their specs. Or if you like the W7, just get another one and build a box for both of them to go in.
  5. Yeah mixing sizes is already not recommended, but that would also be mixing subs with completely different parameters. Not a great idea.
  6. Mods include magnaflow exhaust, full suspension lift with 33" tires and new wheels, BMC, bumper trim, full weld on sliders, skid plates, dark tint, blacked out emblems, LED interior lights and a few other odds and ends. But what y'all care about here more.... Kenwood excelon DMX907s headunit with idatalink maestro. double USB input replaced stock USB/Aux input. All doors and rear hatch speakers replaced with Kenwood KFC series speakers. DDaudio 10" (entry level 200 series) subs in the back with a DDaudio 500 watt rms amp installed under front passenger seat. Bass remote installed in the worthless cubby hole on dash. Stinger X, 4ga ultimate wiring kit and stinger 4000 RCAs. Quick disconnect added to subwoofer box with an XT60 connector. Makes removal quick and easy for when I need all the cargo room. UPDATE, New setup
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