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  1. Looking great. Loads of storage space now. Maybe it'll last you a few months before every shelf is full and you need more room again LOL... We need you to cut some subwoofer keychains, even incorporate a bottle opener in em, with those machines and sell them on the site!!
  2. Direct replacement. No issues cranking and starting. So much lighter too. I went from a 60 something pound battery to an 8 pound battery. Charge fully with a lithium charger before use. I contacted XS power and they showed me a couple cheap 20-30 dollar chargers on Amazon that work fine.
  3. I'm using the under hood safe battery without any issues. With it and my 250 amp alt I see mostly 13.9 volts after it's been running and it's hot... Up to 15v cold. I'm still waiting on new subs so I haven't really been able to test voltage drop much. But I have a 5k amp... So once subs get here I'll give it a good workout and report back. I was advised not to give this battery over 300amps input. Though some have said 350 max... So if you have a high output alternator that's greater than that I'd add 2 batteries to equal the load out a little more. And these are 12v batteries, so don't expect 15-16 volts like with some lithiums.
  4. I ordered my Titan8 lithium from them, because they were the only ones to have the new under hood safe variant in stock so far when i placed my order... Dropping hertz shipped within what i call an acceptable time frame, 1-3 days, but i havent emailed them. I got all my questions answered from the owner of XS company. Have not received the battery yet. Tracking says Tuesday.... Hopefully i get the right thing. Weight looks right on the tracking details. That being said, there are people on the dropping hertz facebook page that stay asking when their package will ship.
  5. Bringing this topic back up, they have came out with a new product that is made to go under the hood, lithium, can be used as a stand alone cranking battery, and 1 battery is good to 5000 watts with 200-300A alternator. They advised against going over 350amp in input current, and the battery is good for only 4000watts if input current is less than 200amps. So even guys with stock alternators could likely get some good current to their amp with one of these batteries. They also say it can be wired in parallel with 12v AGM batteries.... Though i personally still would not do that... But thats just me LOL I asked the company to verify everything, and then ordered mine. XS Power Titan8 UNDERHOOD SAFE BCI PWR-S5 12v Lithium Titanate Battery Weight Lbs. – 9lbs Voltage – 12VWattage – 5,000MAX Amps – 2,000Energy Wh – 120CA – 1,000ACA Pb Eq – 1,500AAh – 10Ah Pb Eq – 30
  6. Yes... Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a link to the tracks. https://damore-engineering.myshopify.com/collections/car-audio-installation-tools/products/dd-1
  7. You can purchase it here... Directly from the SMD store. https://www.wccaraudio.com/smd-distortion-detector-dd-36.html
  8. Because again, different vehicles, different setups, some are obviously competing and burping, some are playing music, lots of different subs being used, Some are ignorant and some just regurgitate what they've read online. Dude from all of this I'd say if you're building your own box, just build what sundown told you to build. Otherwise pay a pro. Because it seems like no matter what you build, you're going to think it would of been better another way and look for someone to blame. And at least if you build what sundown told you to build, you can't blame us. Everyone is not going to give you the same answers because everyone has had different builds and has had different results. The same guy saying he did better with a smaller box may do better with a bigger box in a different car. Or the same guy doing better with a big box with one sub may do better with a smaller box with another sub. And vice versa. The manufacturer recommended enclosure is a good starting point. Build that. Don't like it, try bigger, try smaller, try different port volumes and tunes... Keep all the boxes that weren't perfect. Then once you get it perfect, get a new vehicle... And you're likely to see one of the previous "lesser" boxes do better in the new vehicle. There's no one size fits all for all vehicles and subwoofers, or everyone would have the same exact setups and same exact enclosure.
  9. A company gives recommended enclosure sizes/tunes that should work decently well in a wide variety of applications. They know not everyone has an SUV and some people are limited in space. But no single enclosure will work BEST in every vehicle. Different sizes, placements, and tuning is needed in different applications. There are people that have been testing different enclosures in a variety of vehicles for decades and they still dont always get exactly what they want on the first try. The enclosure that Mr. Gigawatt suggested would likely be great. Going larger is normally better if you have the room, as long as you are not using insane amounts of power. U series subs can handle way more than rated, your 2K wont hurt it in a 2.3 cubed box. There are lots of people running over double the RMS daily. A recommendation, if you ask for help, and get it, but still dont trust the help you get anyway... Maybe you should just hire a professional that is experienced in building enclosures for sundown U series subs. There are a few with lots of great feedback from customers. Some also sell designs if you have the tools and experience to work with wood.
  10. Wait Is that a hint? Will we be seeing some metal subwoofer keychains... I'll definitely want one of them Man and off topic, but I just installed my singer bypass voltage booster harness today... Finally seeing 14-14.5 volts. Loving it. I saw the video you made about it for your Lexus from a while ago. That thing is great so far.
  11. Sweet setup man. Lasers and a CNC... You got a 3D printer too? With that combo you could make... Well pretty much anything you wanted. Man my wife would divorce me quick as hell, I'd never be home with a shop like that.
  12. Can this type of battery be used as a stand alone, main starting battery hooked straight to the alternator? Love the weight of it. And/or, could you just parallel this battery in with a regular lead acid battery? Looks like a nice option... But I have questions LOL
  13. Watching the sun rise while fishing in the gulf from my kayak... Then catching a little black tip shark...
  14. Just a heads up... That post is over a decade old, and that person hasn't been on the forum in 9 years... So you prolly won't get a reply LOL But congrats on having an amp last that long. That's awesome.
  15. 5K Planet audio amp.... $190 bucks 12W7 rated at 1K watts..... $1000 bucks Joining just to reply to a 9 year old thread with some nonsense.... PRICELESS. So many questions.... First, why would you buy a cheap crap amplifier for a super expensive sub? 2nd, if this were true, why arent people in competitions ONLY RUNNING W7s? 3rd, how much that cheap amp actually put out at 1.5ohm? 1000 dirty watts? 4th, Who makes that DB meter? dollar general ??? Edit to add.... Just watched a youtube video where they dyno the 5K planet audio at 1ohm it barely went over 1300 MAX.
  16. Bro... I swear i read his post and was already smiling, but then when you replied i about died
  17. I wouldnt hold your breath for a reply from Joe, LOL. You are replying to a post that is over 8 years old, and the person who designed the box has not been on the forum in over a year and a half.
  18. I had an email replied to in 2 days and talked to someone on the phone easily when I called.. Both in the last week. But if your email was like this post, cussing and shouting, I prolly wouldn't reply either... Just a thought. Also, I'm running the same amp, and it's working great and definitely pushes my cheap entry level 10" subs like crazy, deep and low in their ported box... My Kenwood excelon dmx907s headunit has 5v output to the amp and it's own eq, so no LOC, but from the sounds of your complaint, if everything was bought new, I'd say something is not installed or set properly. Use a DMM, you can get one from harbor freight for like $5 bucks, check the voltage at the amps subwoofer speaker terminals while playing a 40-50 hz constant test tone. If your sub is wired to one ohm, you'll want to see about 31 volts. If intermittent, Check grounds, check where head unit distorts, check for heat and smells from both amp and sub, check all wiring.... Even if your install was completed by a pro, they don't always have everything perfect.
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