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You are talking about a -15db tone. That’s too loud for bass boosted music and most of regular music. Find the clipping point on your head unit by plugging one of the subwoofer rca’s into the dd1 and play a 0db 40 and turn up your volume until you see clipping and then turn back one notch on the volume until you see the clipping go away. Thats the volume you find is the maximum unclipped volume that head unit can produce. And make sure you put the EQs flat at zero and make sure the loudness and bass boost and that extra sound enhancing crap is off and stays off. Then once you find the maximum volume you can play without clipping then plug them rca’s back to your amp and unplug your subwoofers and then put the dd1 profs in amp where the subwoofers were and play a -5db 40hz tone and tune the gain until there is no clipping. And never turn the volume past the volume point you tuned your amp to.

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