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First post on this forum!  I am returning to the hobby after selling my Expedition in 2007.  I live in AZ but am born & raised in Sac/Elk Grove and have lots of respect for what Meade is doing in this market and hobby, so this is my forum of choice.


I am on my second 2011 Suburban 2500 since 2010.  The first one I bought new and used it to tow an Airstream for a few years then sold it.  The one I have now I bought in 2015 used with 40k miles on it and use it to tow my enclosed car trailer.


I am planning a system to be used daily that can sound good off of a relatively limited electrical system.  Since I tow with it, I chose to stay with the OEM alternator pulley size which from Mechman limits my alternator options to the 250amp model which I have installed.  


I am planning to add a second battery under the hood which will be isolated for the audio equipment.


My install is scheduled for the middle of April and I currently have the following equipment.  Disclaimer on the subs of choice is that I wanted to try 18s since 15s and 12s (different systems) are what I've used in the past.  I also really like how the Dayton Audio Ultimax 18 looks on paper, seeming to be friendly at my power level.

HU= Pioneer W4500NEX, also have an 80PRS in case the NEX is glitchy

Amps= JL VX800/8i; B2 Audio 2500.1V2

Front stage= B2 Audio REF63 (3-ways) custom A-pillars to be done

Rear doors= B2 Audio coaxials

Subs= Dayton Audio Ultimax 18 (2 of them)


What is a little unknown is how the subs will sound/perform in the designated space.  I intend to leave in half of the 3rd row, orienting the box from behind the passenger side 2nd row seat back to the liftgate.  Looking to do subs up and port back about 8 inches from the liftgate.  Space dimensions are 49"X24.5"X24" h (or whatever height is ideal).  Since it is for daily use, I want it to sound good anywhere in the vehicle but I'm fine if the corner port situation has it sounding best at the driver's seat.


I know it's my first post and am not expecting tons of "help" with ideas but any and all opinions and perspective are welcome.  I am interested in seeing how this box orientation sounds and will go from there.  I am not optimizing the 2500.1 amp very well with the subs being D2 ohm.


Mainly expecting low 140's db with pretty good SQ.


I look forward to chiming in on other topics!!



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why not get an alternator bracket and run 2 alternators, 1 for truck only other for stereo only?

Kenwood excelon ddx795

 3 370 amp CES alternators (audio side only)           
       McLaren dome tweeters                                   Crescendo 6.5 ultra neos 
                                                 NVX JAD800.4
                                            4 PA x4 SPL 18's
                     4 Digital Designs m5's at .7 ohms each
        2 K2 80 ah lithiums

                              3 group 31 agms                                       Ledglow million color (12 piece)

2007 Yukon xl


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Good suggestion, I will plan for that when I expand the system to 4 18s and triple the power.  I am not super comfortable running non-OEM drive belts with as much Interstate travel that it does.  Biggest mistake I think I made was not getting an amp that makes more power at 2 ohms with these DVC 2 ohm subs I have!

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