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  1. yea I understand about the door panel. I'm having trouble getting the side panel off between front and rear door (inside the truck) thanks for the help. I see the rubber thing does have up written on it I'm guessing that means pull up. ill try unattaching both sides and fish it thru, the wire is 14 awg hopefully I can get it thru with some soap on it or something. kinda got whole interior torn up
  2. I guess the proper term for the rubber thing is body to door wiring loom
  3. gotta hit the hay ill post 1 before work tonight, stuck at new speaker wires, wires 14 awg
  4. How do I get my new speaker wire thru the rubber grommet type thing that sends all wires from inside truck into the doors? looking for somone who has done it or knows how to do it
  5. yea to many runs to go thru the vehicle, I was thinking of doing the 370s on the battery bank and amps separate from the stock alternator to run the rest of truck and 4 channel not sure what this ground loop sensor is? can you elaborate on the area you ran your wires through? to bad your pics are gone that sucks.
  6. found a quad bracket cheaper then everywhere ive seen, guy was local and does a lot of cb radio alternator work ect. check em out think I paid like 375 for a quad bracket 3/8 steel, came with belt ect blueghost.org
  7. I have 3 370 amps from him I need to install yet, supposedly on the bench one of them was doin over 400 amps and others were both over 390. I have everything to start my truck build so ill know shortly
  8. I will run them underneath I'm doin grounds from alt mounting bolts(4runs 2/0) and positive runs off alts (4 runs at 2/0) whats the best way to get from under the truck into the rear cabin area? do I gotta cut the floor for that many? prolly huh
  9. DD Audio and 1ohm load amps

    dd audio crushes, I have a couple of the dd m5s in my foxbody mustang, and I'm putting 4 in my Yukon xl REAL soon here, do not hesitate to buy them, expensive as hell from a dealer though, got all mine used
  10. anyone running this head unit? I went with the kenwood excelon because I have one in my mustang from 2006 and its still going, let me know please https://www.crutchfield.com/p_113DDX795/Kenwood-Excelon-DDX795.html?tp=20217&awcr=76828417291134&awdv=c&awkw=kenwood+excelon+ddx+795&awmt=e&awnw=o&awat
  11. looking for the best way to run 4 runs of 4/0 from my alternators in front to the rear of the vehicle, hoping somone has photos or a build log let me know!!
  12. I haven't bought a head unit since 2006, my kenwood excelon single din still doing alright in my mustang. I'm looking for a new head unit for my 2007 gmc Yukon xl, must have 3 pairs of pre outs voltage around 5 volts, was thinking of going with kenwood excelon again but id like to be able to lay cds still and not have any skipping issues, setup is 4 18s and 4 dd m5s please let me know reccomendations, not looking at pioneer at all
  13. the info I know is 5 k rms, their 18s, around 120 lbs each, 4 inch coil
  14. Pure audio x4 spl's carbon fiber cones and caps, bought 4 to run on 4 dd m5s. anyone have info on em?