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  1. i run 3 of the 370 amp ces alternators, there good. I have a 270 amp CES alt im gonna put in in place of the stock soon. just waitin on the plug for external regulation. been running the 3 370s for over a year now. no issues. I did have some 400 amp fuses melt and cooked rectifiers on 2 of the 370s, sent them in and CEs repaired them and sent back out the day they got to him. I have also ran a 320 amp mechman hairpin, i had a cpl issues over the years with that 1 though
  2. so ur running 2 ohms per channel basically. whats the problem? use google man seems like a non question
  3. all in my signature, its 4 digital designs m5s at .7 ohms each on 4 pure audio x4 spl 18s. 3 banks of maxwell ultracaps 2 jy 80 ah lithium 2 group 31 agms
  4. yea the system is louder then hell with the no wall type setup. no complaints here on the m5s, bulletproof as hell. tuned system with a smd dd-1 with 0 db overlap. i have never smelt the subs yet and playing full songs. hoping for less damage to the truck with the new enclosure. should be louder as well.
  5. thats awesome The bracket im running is the best in the industry right now i believe. Dan Blughost made it hes local to me. Many brackets i see have poor belt wrap on the bottom alternator. this bracket has an idler there and gives you good wrap on all alternators. Jonathon Patrick at CES reccomended a 270 in the stock location instead of a 370, i guess because the 270 can run a stock pulley size instead of the smaller pulley. He stated with the smaller pulley at stock location the belt wrap is not as good. no issues when fully loaded at this time, but again i just have the stock alt and 3 370s now. when i have the 270 on there too it will make a little more drag. The adjustable external regulator i ordered allows for shutting off alternators as well as adjusting the voltage. so that will be nice for long drives ect. right now I have the 3 370s as internally regulated self exciting. I have the parts on the way to convert all 3 to external regulation though.
  6. have a quad setup on my yukon already, stock alternator and then 3 370s on the stereo only. ' I just ordered another 270 amp alternator for the stock location. ( dwell in the 12s when on real power...) I also ordered a custom adjustable external regulator that can control all 4 alternators Currently the truck doesnt have any slip issues or anything, last belt i just changed looked great and was on there for a year. ( changed tensioner and belt prev. maint.) looking for guys running quad high outputs and using all of it and then some. any issues?
  7. box will be cut on a cnc, good x bracing. currently running 4 m5s at .7 on the ported enclosure now. just tearing up the truck to much. have to get away from all the pressure on the roof. and on the rear end of the vehicle. seen the metal rip area get bigger after only 1 hour of demo time and only at 2/3 power. also throwing a 270 amp ces alternator in place of the stock alternator and going with an adjustable external regulator that can control all 4 alternators at once
  8. hell yea, im trying to do mine without removing interior trim, we are going to build the sealed bottom chamber and then the ported chamber on top with port forward, 4th order. forklift it in then seal it off the best we can.
  9. dc bass burban? is it on here? surprised not more c pillar builds. love having 4 seats and 4 18s.
  10. Now that winters over, I have been working my truck again.(2007 yukon xl) I should say mostly fixing all the broken shit. like the rear trim above the tail lights, the rear applique that broke for 2nd time and the tv in the roof that split in half. also fixed the driver sidw window that was not working right either. I have decided it may be a good idea to take out the no wall type ported box i have now and go with a 4th order wall behind the 2nd row of seats. this may stop the metal ripping at the pillars behind the 2nd row of seats, i believe theres to much pressure on the roof, as the 4 18s and the port are all up. anyone got a similar build in there large suv? im looking at a slide in 4th we can load with subwoofers then lift in with a fork lift, then seal it off with a beauty panel/trim. let me know if anyone got a build log similar!!!
  11. your psot needs alot more information to get any help. you may want to try again
  12. those orions are full bridge aint they? i dunno same as wolfram basically (i think?) i mean shit id like to run some big power but i cant see myself replacing the amps i have with anything else, if i need more power id add more amps
  13. id start with 1 then see where ur at if need more add another
  14. i think on a smaller amp like a 3k your just not gonna get big overrated power out of such a small board without as many components as a larger board with many more components as far as the price of the amp and it barely doin rated (if that) i am pretty disappointed. obviously these are 2 different amp designs, and i do predict reliability issues on the orion i bet also that there is something going on at buildhouse that is unknown by the sundown owner. i have never really been a fan of the sundown amps but the subs are pretty beasty, but i think after my current setup im done with subwoofer over 100 lbs.....
  15. nothing really, id add some ultra caps to help keep voltage higher
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