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  1. Duracell batteries

    I dunno I got 3 they alright on a budget, way to go is super caps/lithium tho
  2. couple recent additions to the stack of shit I been collecting http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i99/KyleEBK/alts.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i99/KyleEBK/altkitted.jpg won this at audio show raffle lol
  3. Was sweet getting a demo of this monster, was flexing like a mofo. good long demo too. was really impressed with what 2 18s were doing in there, I had a video but I forgot my digicam and my phone did a terrible job picking up flex
  4. right heh order parts and assemble alternator, not hard. seems like a lot of happy customers on the facebook page though. they also doalot of stuff for semis and large construction equipment
  5. a buddy reffered me to this guy for 370 hairpin alts and I'm just wondering if there is anyone using them and if they like them? I ordered 3 but wont be installing them for a bit
  6. box for 4 18s? how thick?

    So I'm lookin at building a box for my new setup, its 4 18s in a 2007 Yukon xl, hoping to stay no wall class. how thick do I need the box to be? I have 4 dd m5 amplifiers, 1 for each subwoofer.
  7. anyone know whats biggest rim/tire combo that can go on this vehicle without any problems? meaning rubbing ect
  8. not sure which track you used I Have found the only track that works for me and the systems I have setup is the max sound quality track, almost every big power system got stinky subs on any other track.
  9. Electrical for 7.5k at .5 ohm

    I'm running 16k rms (2 dd m5s) on a mechman 320 1 80 ah lithium and 2 group 31 agms and hardly get under 13 unless idling
  10. DD1+ gain overlap "preference"

    every stereo ive set with dd 1 ive had to use max sound quality for sub amps cuz any of the setups that had real power ended up getting stinky subs on anything else. ive setup a cheap boss amp on maximum loudness setting and it was fine, think it depends on your power and subs really