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  1. hopefully not tinnitus. when i take down the headliner and check the roof i will prolly add deadener there too a slong as i can get enough for cheap from the nation of coronavirus.
  2. box is tuned around 40 hertz, i had a issue a while back that was giving me a headache turned out to be the panel for sunroof control vibrating, once i fixed it they went away, so im wondering if something else loose now
  3. anyone get headaches from loud bass? I suspect its from a broken roof brace or something in the roof vibrating, i do not experience headaches at live music events (excision/Lost lands/ north coast music festival) just wondering the setup is pretty loud and i did not start getting headaches until recently. Have been in car audio for 20 years. 150+ dailys for the last 6 years.
  4. damn thats wild, lot to pay for a 4 channel and 3 way. i havent heard much about any of their gear besides the big monoblocks and the top couple lines of subs, perhaps this is their way of raising profit.
  5. i run 3 of the 370 amp ces alternators, there good. I have a 270 amp CES alt im gonna put in in place of the stock soon. just waitin on the plug for external regulation. been running the 3 370s for over a year now. no issues. I did have some 400 amp fuses melt and cooked rectifiers on 2 of the 370s, sent them in and CEs repaired them and sent back out the day they got to him. I have also ran a 320 amp mechman hairpin, i had a cpl issues over the years with that 1 though
  6. I Have been running my truck and lighting on the stock alternator and electrical system. I have 3 370 amp CES alternators running the audio side of the truck. 07 yukon xl 5.3 I have ordered a 270 amp CES alternator to go into the stock location and I want to combine the truck and audio side so they are not seperate anymore. Has anyone done something similar and did you run into any issues? The stock alternator is controlled by the pcm and it shows 15.2 volts on the stock volt gauge in dash, at times it shows around 13.5 or so. From what I have gathered in my searches The only issue i will have is bypassing the pcm and from what I see it only causes a battery light in the dash. The final destination here is to run all 4 alternators on a adjustable external regulator that is setup to control all 4 alternators and have the ability to shut off each alternator individually...
  7. so ur running 2 ohms per channel basically. whats the problem? use google man seems like a non question
  8. what kinda 18? i know this is old news and doesnt apply much anymore but if ur going 18 make sure its got a good motor on it. id think something like 10s or 12s may be easier to get a tight sound out of? i dunno much about sq. ive never ran anything smaller then 15s and nothing smaller then 18s for the last few years heh
  9. got a mechman 320 in my 5.0 92 mustang, anyway to get it recased for my 2007 yukon xl 5.3 liter?
  10. my buddys got 1, any plans for the build? he fit a 6.5 and a 8 in each door without much modification
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