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  1. looking for 2 HDC4 18 motors/basket (also gordo or vfl comp

    tell redfang to bring 2 to me for 650
  2. looking for 2 HDC4 18 motors/basket (also gordo or vfl comp

    eh yea other option was just going with 4 sp4's but thatd be about twice as much. at least they might have a chance of handling the power I already know hdc4s don't like 8 k rms
  3. I'm looking for 2 blown soundqubed hdc4 18s motors and baskets, also considering massive audio gordos and American bass vfl comps. need 2 to custom recone and add 2 my 2 so I can run 4 on 4 dd m5s in my Yukon xl for now
  4. Who here runs Twisted Sounds amps?

    Ive heard mized things about the twisted sounds stuff, mostly good but I also know somone who ran like 24 of the 2.8s I believe or and had nothing but problems with em , switched to dc audio and has yet to have a problem. a lot of the Korean stuff is similar but the quality of components range quite a bit
  5. What am I all gonna need when pulling the stock stereo out of my 2007 Yukon xl and putting a double din head unit in? I am also going to be replacing all door speakers/tweeters and amping all those components. just tryna get prepared for when I do it, the truck does not have navigation system
  6. 21 inch subs? who makes good ones ?

    how does that compare with an 18? I see charts of 8-18 size at inches, no 21s tho lol. I dunno I'm just looking for options I suppose even a good 21 wontt ake 2 dd m5s daily anyways, maybe 4 15s back there would be better, but I feel like that wouldn't be loud enough
  7. still tryna decide which way to go on my 2007 Yukon xl build, have 3 370 amp alts quad bracket, 4 dd m5s 2 80 ah lithiums and 3 group 31 agms was thinkin about staying behind the 3rd row with maybe 4 15s or 2 21s? anyone know the cone area of a 21 inch sub? don't see it on most charts post pics if ya got em
  8. Duracell batteries

    I dunno I got 3 they alright on a budget, way to go is super caps/lithium tho
  9. couple recent additions to the stack of shit I been collecting http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i99/KyleEBK/alts.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i99/KyleEBK/altkitted.jpg won this at audio show raffle lol
  10. Was sweet getting a demo of this monster, was flexing like a mofo. good long demo too. was really impressed with what 2 18s were doing in there, I had a video but I forgot my digicam and my phone did a terrible job picking up flex
  11. right heh order parts and assemble alternator, not hard. seems like a lot of happy customers on the facebook page though. they also doalot of stuff for semis and large construction equipment
  12. a buddy reffered me to this guy for 370 hairpin alts and I'm just wondering if there is anyone using them and if they like them? I ordered 3 but wont be installing them for a bit