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  1. your psot needs alot more information to get any help. you may want to try again
  2. those orions are full bridge aint they? i dunno same as wolfram basically (i think?) i mean shit id like to run some big power but i cant see myself replacing the amps i have with anything else, if i need more power id add more amps
  3. id start with 1 then see where ur at if need more add another
  4. i think on a smaller amp like a 3k your just not gonna get big overrated power out of such a small board without as many components as a larger board with many more components as far as the price of the amp and it barely doin rated (if that) i am pretty disappointed. obviously these are 2 different amp designs, and i do predict reliability issues on the orion i bet also that there is something going on at buildhouse that is unknown by the sundown owner. i have never really been a fan of the sundown amps but the subs are pretty beasty, but i think after my current setup im done with subwoofer over 100 lbs.....
  5. nothing really, id add some ultra caps to help keep voltage higher
  6. u should have np with 4 1500 rms subs on a 10k no need to be conservative
  7. it did what it said it would? im not sure i really like the trend of companies underating their amplifiers to this extent, pretty big difference from 3k to 5k watts I had thought about going several dif routes with my setup but the fact i already had 2 dd m5s kinda steered me down the road of just getting another 2 of those.
  8. i wouldnt even tell her i took it out and put in a singer/mechman/ces alt, id just act like it was the one she got me and be happy lol. fuckin women are nuts
  9. 4 18s, if you got room for 4 18s why not try 8 12s or 6 or 8 15s?
  10. mclaren makes great tweets i have used the silk domes in my last 2 builds, i dont like the sound of super tweets really so i usually stack a bunch of the silk domes on a pilar
  11. it just seemed on -5 db track i couldnt get clsoe to where i had set it up to play max volume, i always had to drop subwoofer output -4 or -5 back from setting it at 0, or id get a lil stank on the woofers now i have no problem playing at the max volume i set it at with 0 db, no stank at all, plus hitting alot harder, cant wait to get 4th sub and 4th amp working properly i have to gather my pics and psot up a build log, the pics got pretty spaced out because of the extreme rush that occurrred the last few days of the build, had to really put in some 12 -14 hr days nonstop on it
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