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Digital designs 12 inch help on model and info

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Hey brains trust,


I just came across this sub on a very good deal .


I have a monoblock amp to run it off, hoping to run at 2ohms.


but I don’t know to much about this sub. Would anyone know the model number by looking at photos ? 
or can you tell me how to run it at 2ohms if possible ? 

noticed it doesn’t really have a DVC set up (could be wrong) is this needed for two ohms  or if I just use the positive and neg that it currently has would that be at 4 or 2 ohms (as you can see I’m a newbie to the ohms side of things)


send help any info would be much appreciated 




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6 hours ago, liteblue said:

It looks like single voice coil. Hook up a dmm set to ohms that will tell you if it is 2 ohms. I suspect it is 4 ohms. 

Bugger that is what I thought. Is their any way to get it to 2 ohms if it reads as 4?

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Not without rebuilding the woofer with a 2 ohm voice coil. Which would defeat the good deal you got. 


What amplifier you plan on pushing it with? I would still hook it up! You could be pleasantly surprised.

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