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110 stock alt, Big 3, skar 1500w amp

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I’m about to hook up my system to a Napa legend battery. The stock alt is 110.  I get 14,4 volts currently without sub, amp, etc installed. I have the big 3 on top of that as well my mono lock skar amp output is 1500w and original plan was to run it parallel at 2 ohm at 930rms but if I run it at 1 ohm it’ll use the full 1500w what steps do I need to take while not spending a wad of cash


Someone told me to upgrade the battery  and I’ll be fine but I just don’t know I need outside help

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You should be ok as long as you carefully tune the amp and don't drive it into clipping.  Current draw shoots sky high when a class D amp goes into clipping.


Music is dynamic, meaning your current draw will have peaks and valleys.


That said, you should invest in a decent volt meter and install it somewhere you can easily see/monitor.  If you see your voltage continuously in the low 12s or dipping below 12 volts, you should probably start planning on upgrading to a higher output alternator.


Adding a 2nd battery (close to the amplifier) or even a small SuperCap can go a long way to stiffen up your voltage, but remember that batteries and SuperCaps are power storage, not power generation - so you will need to turn the bass down from time to time in order to allow them to replenish/recharge when your voltage starts to sag.

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