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  1. Ok, I actually uploaded the pics, hopefully they are visible now, thanks for the heads up!
  2. That's what I get for trying to cut corners I copy pasted from viewing them in my Google Photos instead of downloading and the dragging and dropping to upload. Let me see if I can edit the post and fix it.
  3. Just a quick update with a few pictures. I've been pretty incognito here on the forum and honestly been running pretty light on sleep trying to get everything done. A lot of this stuff is not a lot of fun when trying to do it by yourself LoL. Luckily I've got a few buddies that have been helping me out when they can. Good news! The A/C is in and is a HUGE quality of life improvement in the shop: I was able to get the laser room up except for the gate-wall that will close it off from the shop (same story as the collector room) and pulled the laser of it's shipping pallet. It certainly wasn't my best idea, but it was around hour 19-20 in the shop last Saturday and I was more trying to get something done than thinking clearly LoL Forks on Crushi weren't long enough, so I used Gorilla tape to add some 2x3 runners (2x4s would have probably been better - or longer forks): That was after getting the laser on the floor. When I heard this start to happen I got to moving with a purpose: Here are some shots of the laser up in the air: All's well that end's well, I got it down without critical 2x3 failure and rolled it into the laser room: I then proceeded to fill the rest of the room up with as much stuff off the main shop floor as I could to make room to work the scissor lift. Here you can see some of the crap in the laser room as well as the mad board we are installing on the ceiling. And here are my buddies that are helping me out: I finally have reliable (not particularly fast - but reliable) internet at the shop, so I've been able to go up there to work my Day Job and do little odds and ends work during normal working hours and then hammer out the bigger tasks after 5PM. I started sticking sound dampening foam tiles to the walls of the office today. They suck, they were cheap and it shows. I'm trying to use 3M adhesive squares to stick them to the wall and they keep falling off. I'm going to have to use some spray contact cement and permanently glue them to the walls... I had them all lined up when they first went on, but they have fallen off so many times they've ended up crooked as my patience to align them sticking them back up faded throughout the day. The new drill press was delivered today and the FedEx Freight guy who delivered it was super cool. He's building an '87 Chevy Malibu and asked if I could do the custom audio build for it. It sounds like he will be ready to do the stereo about the time I've got the equipment dialed in and am up and running. The guy was super cool, so I'll side - side hustle that job for him while I work on the EV stereo stuff. He's budgeting 7-9k for the build, so we should be able to do a pretty killer install. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel - so long as it's not another train LoL
  4. Probare Se (Testing one's metal) Today was long, today was challenging, today is over. Updates will likely slow down after today. Everything is out of the old shop and the list of things I *need* to get done before the scissor lift goes back are the only priorities for the next couple of weeks. Got going this morning and my little helper (his name is Barf Garbage) loaded up and was ready to get to work: Here is the small winch we used to hoist things on wheels up onto the trailer, I powered it with my old bench supply. It's a 100A RV charger/supply with an old SoundQuest AGM: The winch bolts onto the front of the trailer with a pair of 1/2" bolts: Here's the 1st trailer load: And the 2nd load: I didn't get a shot of the 3rd or 4th loads as there was a thunderstorm rolling in and we were hooking and booking. The 3rd load was the assembly table, the big CNC gantry and some cabinets and other stuff. We managed to get that run unloaded as the first rain drops were beginning to fall. The final load was the pack station and some odds and ends. It all got thoroughly rained on, so hopefully nothing was ruined. The old shop looks big when there is nothing in it: And the new shop looks full now: It's going to be a VERY light day tomorrow. Trying to sort stuff so when the AC guy comes to actually install the AC he can work. Other than that, it's going to be just day job and rest. Peace and chicken grease.
  5. Sep-29th Managed to get quite a bit done today. My buddy that was going to help me yesterday had some stuff come up, but was able to make it over to the shop today around 11AM and helped me out A LOT. We made some real progress. He also brought his little buddy Chibs: He is such a good pup: I managed to get the insulation in on the west wall of the laser room before he arrived: Got studs run up the east and west walls, insulation pulled, drywall up/taped/bedded and partially painted: We'll see where the walls need a little more TLC in the morning. Here's a short recap video: Tomorrow we get everything out of the old shop. The A/C guys is supposed to come mid-morning and get that in. It will be wonderful to have the spaced cooled for the rest of the build-out. I can't wait!
  6. Update posts will be short on words tonight LoL. Been crunching to get to where I can move equipment over from the old shop tomorrow (or technically a little later today since it's about a quarter past midnight now LoL) Sep-28th Got the last power run pulled to the laser room along wit the 2 data lines: Got the framing more or less up for the "gate" style big door: And we ended up getting just enough rain for the 90 degree weather to make it hella muggy outside: No video for the 28th I'm afraid.
  7. Today was a bit of a rough one, got to sleep about 4AM and was back up and ambulatory by 9:30. Got to the shop around 2PM-ish and got some small detail work stuff done. Was able to get the 2x4 joists up on the laser room: And threw another outlet that will face outside of the room off the 20A plug: Built the filter box to filter air coming into the room when the exhaust is on: Got some lights in: And secured the window where the portable A/C will vent out: Here is the recap video for today: Hoping to get the power and data runs in tomorrow, get the drywall on the laser room and get the south-east / south wall insulated and drywalled
  8. Damn if today didn't turn into a long one... Got a fair amount done shop-wise. Was just about to sit down and write out the update when I got a call from my buddy that own's the mower I was racing around the shop yesterday. He hit a patch of gravel and slid the front tire of his bike. He didn't drop the bike, was going fairly slow, but he instinctually caught and wrestled with the bike and pulled his groin terribly. Got the call a little before 10PM and just got back from taking him to the ER. He's good, no hernia or bone damage. He's on crutches and light duty for the next week and has some scripts for pretty run of the mill anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Going to make this update quick as I'm ready to crash for the night. Got everything down off the office at the old shop and got some more stuff staged and ready to move: Look ma, no crap: Tons of crap that was up there, most of it is likely destined for a landfill: This dresser was nearly the death of me: And got some more stuff ready to move: I even managed to get a couple of the cabinets loaded on the trailer along with the sheathing I picked up from the home store: Picked up some more power and data cabling, finally found the 40A 2-pole breakers I needed and some assorted other stuff: Got the sheeting up on the laser room: And I'm steadily burning through building materials: Over 1k framing nails down... At the bottom of a 5lb box of drywall screws... Starting to run low on 2x4s... And here is the nightly recap video: I'm off to count some sheep. Hope everybody had a good weekend!
  9. So I got into the shop a little before noon and got to work. I was up at the shop until midnight, but I did take a couple of hours in the evening to go home and make some dinner and take a break. I had to finally stop tonight just short of where I wanted to be, but I managed to tweak my right wrist and my back is giving me hell. Fingers crossed that a decent nights sleep will cure what aisle me. I stopped off at the home store on my way back from my PT appointment to grab some more nails as I was running low. Hard to imagine that I've already run through almost 1k nails: I think after I finished the work I did today, I have 1 or 2 strips left. Going to have to break into the new box tomorrow. I ordered some cheap foam sound dampeners for the office so it doesn't sound like I'm in an underground dungeon when I'm on my DJ calls. They come super compressed and you have to peel them apart and let them sit for a day or two in order for them to expand and off-gas: I laid a bunch more of them out and still have more to sperate, I think it will be an on-going task for the next week or more. I was able to get the laser room studded out, the joists up, the door in and almost finished the electrical: I pulled a run of MC 12 AWG for a 20A circuit and re-purposed the metal conduit I pulled off the south wall to run some 14 AWG romex for a 15A circuit: I still need to run a pair of network cables (one for a security camera at the front door and one for the computer that controls the laser) and finish roughing in the laser room's electrical. Then I need to build a big gate style double door on the end that will make putting the laser in there a lot easier (need to do the same for the dust collector room). Hopefully that will go fairly quickly tomorrow. I was thinking that I wanted to pull the stairs out of the old shop tomorrow, but I don't have anyone that can help me (unless my shop neighbor is at his place tomorrow - that dude is a mountain of a man). We'll see how that goes, but I need to get moved before I can start working on the spray booth. I sure hope this side hustle is wildly successful so that when it's time for more space again, I can pay professionals to do all this stuff LoL. I did take a few minutes in the early evening to horse around some. I'm storing my buddies riding mower at the shop for a little while and I decided to have a 1 mower race around the shop! I'll try to get more done tomorrow, hope everyone is having a nice Saturday night
  10. I like the shoveling analogy. I've definitely had some days over the last couple of weeks that felt like 2 shovel fulls fell back in the hole, but progress is being made
  11. It's looking pretty good, it's going to be transformational when you get them formed onto the rings!
  12. It took for ever, but I really liked the way the T-Bird came out. I like the way the retro bandpass box with 2 Extasy subs in his kids car as well...
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