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  1. So I got a strong start to the day. Was over at the old shop loading stuff up before 9AM. Here is the practical implementation of the proverbial 20lbs of $hit in a 10lb bag: Then life did that thing it always does and up and happened. I had to go grab the trailer and take it to a buddy and help him load his Harley and some other stuff on it. Just got to the shop, about to unload the truck and get the office space more or less set up to make it easier to do day job out of for the upcoming week. I'll post some more later today, but I have a strong feeling not a lot of exciting stuff is going to get done. I may have to help my buddy some more this afternoon.
  2. I ran out of steam before I got much more done. Just a little more insulation and stud walling. Here is the recap video: I will get over here early-ish again in the morning and keep plugging away at it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
  3. Just a quick update while a take a bit of a break. I'm still in the shop and am going to keep working until I can't go anymore today, it's about 8:45ish right now. I got the brushes on the roll-up doors this morning, but didn't manage to get a picture of that. I'll get it when I do the recap video once I finish up tonight. I also decided to go ahead and drywall all the way up that section of West facing wall and went ahead and taped/bedded it: Did I mention that I'm terrible at drywall? I didn't mess with sanding anything, don't care! I left the mud to dry while I took down the electrical conduit runs on the south facing side. The rest of the boxes were as bad as the 1st one I pulled. Way too much insulation stripped and nicked wires etc. Then I did some more stud walling and pulled insulation on the East side of the building: here's the stud wall section and the insulation work: I'll run it all the way up like I did on the West wall, just haven't gotten up yet. Next was paint for the new wall: You can really see how bad my drywall foo is in this pic. So I had a Harbor Freight electric spray gun I got as a gift a few years ago and figured I would use it to shoot paint in the shop build. I spent at least 30 minutes following the instruction and cleaning it with warm soapy water etc etc, thinning the paint and using the drip cup to make sure it was the right thickness. Everything seemed to be going great until I got paint in it. About the first 3 or four passes were fine, then it started dribbling more paint than it was spraying, then it made a horrible noise and locked up. So I just used the paint roller on a stick I used for the floors. That was actually WAY faster than dicking with the gun. Took a break to go pick up another pallet of the insulation I'm putting on the ceiling and make some dinner: With the paint dry, I slammed together some of the pallet racking and then got those pallets off the top of the collector room: The A/C guy came by and checked out what I had run and built out for the A/C install and seemed happy with everything. He said he would order the unit today and let me know when he's ready to get it installed. I'm going to finish cramming food in my mouth-hole and get back at it! I'll post a vid later tonight. Peace!
  4. Got quite a bit done today, but it was a lot of stuff like moving stuff around and getting things off the floor so it's easier to work. I did get a section of stud wall in, insulated and drywalled. I forgot how fun fiberglass insulation was. My skin is still crawling after trying to shower it off. Here are some pics and a recap video: Most of the boxed stuff that's been moved put on pallets and put up high out of the way. The Crushinator was killing it today Got the insulation for the ceiling stacked and getting ready to put up some pallet racking: Pulled some of the electrical so it wouldn't be in the way: Got a small section of stud wall in on the west side of the building: Pulled in the insulation: Decided to take it up the full height of the wall: Got some drywall in, you can see it in the update video here: Slow and steady wins the race right? I think that's one of Aesop's Fables...
  5. So I got to the shop a little before 8AM this morning and this modern marvel of innovation was waiting for me: I'm about to get the brushes up around the roll-up doors before the sun is beating on that side of the shop!
  6. Today was another one of those days full of spurts and starts. I was able to almost find all of the Eaton BR breakers I needed. They are hard to come by right now (so it makes perfect sense that the electrician used them?) I was able to get some electrical done. Most importantly, I got the breakers in and cable ran for the A/C unit. I split the load between the 100A and 200A service panels: This is the 100A service. The bottom 4 rows were added today: And here is what I have in the 200A box so far I didn't take a picture after running more wire but you get the idea: I also put up some lights in the collector room that run off a switched outlet: Here is a pic of the insulation I'm going to adding to the ceiling, there are now 2 pallets of this in the shop: The scissor lift is getting dropped at the shop tomorrow. I'm also going to call the A/C guy and see when he can get out and install the 5-ton unit. I am, without fail, working from the shop all day tomorrow. I still have several hours of day job calls that will take priority, but hopefully between the calls I can get some more stuff done. I'm hoping to get the rest of the stud walls in along with most of the electrical and start on the insulation/drywall. As a stretch goal, I would like to maybe get the Laser room studded out. We'll see how far I get.
  7. I got a little done today, but I didn't get much in the way of pictures. Most notably, I got the 1st pallet of insulation board I'm going to use to insulate the ceiling. I'll get some more pics of progress tomorrow!
  8. It's hard to say if rear or front firing is better. Rear firing certainly looks good when you pop the trunk. Porting it into the cabin through the package shelf, I would imagine it will sound pretty good either way.
  9. So much respect for people who drywall for a living!!! So I got into the shop a bit later in the day, but worked until around 9PM-ish. I was able to get the 2x10 joists up: I also got the closet for the A/C air handler in: Then it was time for a break to enjoy the view of the sky behind the shop along with my usual afternoon enhancers: Then it was time to start arguing with drywall. I'm terrible at drywall. I don't like it - it doesn't like me and mad props to anyone who knows how to do this and/or does it for a living! Here is a quick video walk around: 20210914_204005.mp4 I'll get the top on the collector room and finish out the air handler closet as well as run the electrical for the A/C and put a light in the collector closet tomorrow. Then it's time to just start throwing up the stud walls all along the exterior walls of the shop. I'll probably order the scissor lift tomorrow and see when the A/C guy can come out and get that in. It's going to be so nice having air in the shop!
  10. Do you have the option to have the port extend out of the enclosure? And I don't remember if you mentioned what ride this is going in in a different thread (A Toyota SUV I think?) Just trying to think if there are options for a round port that could work and not look crazy. I've used round ports that extended out of the enclosure and ported up through the package shelf/rear deck in car trunk builds in the past, but making it look good if it's in an SUV cargo area might be a bit of a challenge. Good news is, if you go with a slotted port, they aren't too difficult to build into the box, just make sure you use plenty of bracing and corner 45s.
  11. I might have missed it reading through the build log, but what subs are those?
  12. If you don't already, you are going to LOVE the CC-1/DD-1+ I went years just using meters and a clamp to set gains, SOOO much easier with the DD-1!
  13. I couldn't fin the Xmax (cone excursion) on the Soundstream 12s. Looks like they are rated at 1kw RMS each. I agree with Dafaseless on cone area and 2 12s should have at least an extra 30 square inches over the single 15. The Sundown has a 30mm Xmax (over an inch!) of travel one way, so that thing will move given enough good clean power. Looks like the X15 v2 is happy in a 4.25 cubic foot enclosure where the 2 T5s would want 4 cubes. Hard call. I think the 12s might be a little tighter if you are listening to music with a lot of rapid transitions (think kick drums) but the X15 will definitely play lower / calls for a lower tuned port. What kind of music do you listen to?
  14. As long as the voltage output of both alternators is pretty close there shouldn't be any issues. Use a volt meter to check the system voltage with the existing alternator and then check the new one once it's in but before you tie it into the battery bank. If they are off by like an entire volt, you can install voltage regulators to get them matched.
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