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  1. It's looking pretty good, it's going to be transformational when you get them formed onto the rings!
  2. It took for ever, but I really liked the way the T-Bird came out. I like the way the retro bandpass box with 2 Extasy subs in his kids car as well...
  3. Everything Soundman does takes at least 2 years, but you have to admit that when he's done, it's pretty over the top!
  4. A thought on forming them (or rather a youtube link) that may or may not be worth considering: He's using a press, but he mentions using your car to press form the mesh as well. Might be worth thinking about.
  5. Man, no idea how I missed this update, that's looking good brother! I don't remember if you mentioned - what color are you going to paint them?
  6. That looks perfect! Do the female ends get glued into the receiving panel or is there a mechanical fastener (or both)?
  7. You might want to move this topic to the "Junk Drawer" not sure if the moderators will close it down for being in the DD-1 area. What router table do you have? The fence on my Rockler table goes on using T bolts, I use a speed square to get it square to the table when I need. A lot of people use T-track as well. Here are a couple of pictures of my router table setup, you can see the slots in the top for the t-bolts the fence uses:
  8. That's looking good. If you are worried about weight, have you considered birch plywood? Not sure why I didn't think about that/mention it earlier in the thread, but it's quite a bit lighter and has similar acoustic properties to MDF. Not sure if you will need to reduce the weight in the doors but if you did need to that might be an option to consider.
  9. Definitely no turning back, but also exciting and cool as hell! Love the idea of using the grommet mounting for the grills, probably way less chance for the grills to rattle when you've got it turned up. Can't wait for you to start laying glass!
  10. For sure! Had the + been available when I picked up my DD-1 I would have gone that route 😎
  11. They are both great tools. I have the original DD-1, have been thinking about getting the +, but I've never had to tune a system that required the extra wattage capability that the + offers. The thing that's going to drive you insane is how sensitive the crossover pots are on some amplifiers. I've started tuning amp crossovers on the bench before installing them so I can fiddle with the settings until they are finally dialed in LoL
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