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  1. I can remember hacking together a box for a vega with the red surround in my teens, it looked like total crap, but was so cool at the same time. I was looking at the Ecstacy subs on the Legends of Car Audio ebay store with the purple surrounds. It would be cool to do a 90s bandpass for a pair of those similar to what Soundman did in his son's car.
  2. Well $h!t, I went to order the APM-X just now and they are out of stock. I can't find it in stock anywhere That TermLab Magnum looks awesome, but the price is a little over what I was looking to spend. I guess I'm either waiting for the APM-X to come back in stock or looking at the SPL Lab meters. Funny thing is, I was pretty stoked about the SPL Lab Mini meters until I saw the APM-X LoL.
  3. Good luck man. Those Hondas are good cars, I hope you are able to get it sorted out.
  4. Fi for the win! The Fs on that sub is nasty low. The sub looks mean too. Can't wait to see the build log for this one.
  5. Looks like threaded steel rod with threaded flanges similar to these: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Mueller-Proline-1-in-dia-Black-Iron-Floor-Flange-Fitting/1000217679
  6. It's definitely rated for the power, you wouldn't need to turn back the amp. The XT3 looks like an epic beast on paper.
  7. Oh man, that sucks! Sorry to hear it. I'm guessing you probably looked for a tranny leak / fluid levels. You going to try and fix up the Honda or you thinking it might be time to replace it?
  8. I loved the Excelon stuff back in the mid to late 90s. I've used some of their amplifiers in more recent builds but I haven't used any of their subs or speakers recently. I would be curious to hear how it turns out if you go with the Excelon woofer.
  9. Let us know what you go with and what it ends up metering out to, I expect any of the 3 you're looking at in a purpose built box will sound pretty good/loud.
  10. It's a link, I'll try to post it again: Here it is broken up in case the link doesn't show up right again: youtube dot com /watch?v=2sA4LloMoW0
  11. The video is kinda sh!t and the sub looks like it's been around the block more than a few times, but it seems like it was playing pretty low and was loud enough to clip the mic.
  12. Damn, with that American Bass coming in at just under $320 and the Crossfire being the most expensive, that's a tough one. I found this on YouTube:
  13. Just for grins and not worth another build post, but here is cutting out a box with expanded PVC using the shop CNC. I know access to a CNC is definitely a luxury, but this thing makes my life SO much easier for box builds and saves so much time. This was another enclosure for a boat. If I remember correctly, it was a single 12 that went in, but this was in January and I've slept a few times since then... CNC-Cutting-PVC.mp4
  14. The American bass is rated for an additional 400 watts, but I'm not sure 400 watts would make up the difference over the Crossfire. Unfortunately I don't have a frame of reference for if either sub is "under rated" in terms of power handling. The crossfire sub looks over-built and like it might not have a fit if you over-drove it by 400-500 watts, but again, I have no frame of reference and it would suck to no end if you cooked it by over driving it. Looks like the ZVX-18 has the same power rating as the Crossfire, but it is the cheapest out of the 3 (at least based on my quick googling)
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