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Separate 12V Electrical

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Starting a new build, and running 2 alts. I want to keep the factory alt & batt, and run my XS Power batteries separately. Do I need to do anything special for the grounds on the second set of batteries, or can I ground them to the chassis as well? I didn’t know if there would be any issues with the voltage difference between the 2 electrical systems.

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Not 100% sure about this but if you are running a separate alternator with a different charging voltage then really the only thing you need to do is make sure none of your stock electrical is connected to that alternator. I'm pretty sure you can use the same grounds for both systems. Don't take my word for that though, wait till someone confirms it. 


Keep in mind, this is for systems that charge at different voltages, not small voltage differences across systems that charge at the same voltage. If you have 2 12v alternators then you don't have to separate them at all. Same with batteries, as long as they are the same type of battery (all AGM, lead acid, or lithium, etc...)



Stock :(


2019 Harley Road Glide:

Amp: TM400Xad - 4 channel 400 watt

Processor: DSR1

Fairing (Front) 6.5s -MMats PA601cx

Lid (Rear) 6x9s -  TMS69


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