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HELP WANTED amp suggestions for Rockford P3D4-10


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I have 2 Rockford P3D4-10 wired to 1ohm, 500watt rms 1k peak per speaker.. i want to get a monoblock 1ohm amp for it. I heard from everywhere that its best to match the amp to sub rms but i also heard that you gotta get an amp thats above the rms of the sub.. Could i get a 2k watt rms amp and it be okay? or do i have to get 1k watt rms... new to car audio

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An amp that makes 2,000watts rms at 1 ohm would be fine, it will be crucial to have the gain set properly so that it is matched to the radios rca preout voltage, after all the gain is NOT a volume knob (this goes for any amp).
Over powering a speaker with more than its rated rms power typically never hurts anything as long as the gain is set correctly and you have your crossovers set correctly, and not being stupid when it comes to listening to the stereo, the woofers will start to stink a little to a lot when they get warm to hot and that is your warning to turn the volume down before they blow!
1000 watt rms worth of woofers will take extra clean undistorted unclipped power fairly well, but 1000 watt rms worth of woofers can easily be blown on 1000 watts of dirty distorted clipped power rather easily all because it wasn't as loud as you expected and decided to turn up the gain and use it as a volume knob to make it louder. Just know that you can still blow the speakers by feeding them too much power if you ignore the signs of them getting warm/hot and stinky!

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