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This is the car. My 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE.


The build:


Front stage - Hertz Dieci DSK 165 components for tweeter and midbass, Hertz 87.3 for midrange


Rear - Hertz Dieci DCX 165.3 coaxials


Subwoofers - 4 DC Audio Level 1 12s D2 wired to 1ohm, tuned to 33.5 Hz


Clarion EQ


Dayton DSP


2 Taramps TS 400x4 for mids and highs


Taramps Bass 1200.1 for subs


Haven't figured out the head unit as of yet


250 amp alt


60 amp hour AGM battery under the hood


Will continue in subsequent posts

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Installed a 250 amp I powered alternator and a 60 amp hour AGM battery under the hood. I ran 2/0 welding cable from the alternator to the battery and then to the rear of the car. I did the big 3, fused shortly after the alternator and shortly after the battery.

I also ran speed wire from the front door panels to the rear which has seven 14 gauge wires contained within the gray jacket.



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Speaker Pods:


I drilled holes in the sail panels sanded them down and molded the tweeter housing to fit within.


I also made custom fiberglass kick panels.



Sound deadening:


I took the entire car apart:



I did the doors, roof, and the entire interior. Once that was done I installed the speakers and the kick pods.

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I'm waiting on the amps to arrive so I can make my amp rack. Next I'm building the enclosure for the DC Audio subs.



The DSP is here and the Bass 1200.1 as well. I'm practicing how to tune it before the install.


I'm having a problem figuring out where to put the amp rack though. The trunk is out of the question due to the box. I'm thinking to put it in the back of the fold down seat but that means I'll never be able to raise it up if someone needs to sit in the back. But it's gonna have to go somewhere where they can get air.


Any advice that would be appreciated.


Thank you,


Lewis King

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22 minutes ago, Joe X said:

If you plan for a trunk sub enclosure ported, it's not going to be possible to properly fit four 12s, better to know before you try it.

I appreciate it but I've already tested and verified that the box specs are legit and will fit into the trunk. I made a mock up of a box and adjusted until it slid it with no issues.


I've heard those stories don't get me wrong. But this isn't the first sound system that I've done. It's the first one that I've put into a build log.


FYI, 35 x 28 x 13.75 are the max dims that will fit into a B15 Sentra trunk. That includes the height of the subs. Hope that helps someone else out in the future.



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The distance from the trunk floor to the roof of the trunk is 19.25". That's 6" above the enclosure. I think I'll be ok.


FYI the entire car is deadened. The trunk has a double layer. Because once I get another $1000 I'm dealing the level 1s and getting level 3.


And before we go there, the port is 4 x 11.75 and graphs below 15 in port velocity.

It's tuned to 33.44hz and has 3/8 threaded steel rods, washers and nuts for bracing.

Includes the double baffle with the subs recessed.

Has a nice gain hump above 3db between 30 to 40 Hz.

All sides have round overs and the rear springs are near 400/1 inch spring rate which means that the 250 pound box will only drop the rear 2/3 inch.

Which will even out when I drop the front another inch.


Electrical supports up to 2900 watts without a second battery.

The system is 2000 watts total.

That's at sine wave.

2/0 welding cable from front to back. Big 3 in all 2/0 welding cable.

EQ, DSP, fuse block, distribution block, amp rack will be recessed into the 60 of the 60/40 split rear.

And they'll fit. The amps are 7x7 and 2 of 5x5.

Double braided shielding on the RCA's.

Looking at Pioneer MVH-S322BT. 4 volt pre out. 24 bit DAC, flac, EQ, Crossover, DSP.


Did I miss anything?

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