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1997 Toyota 4runner Sound System questions

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Hey guys im new to the forum but ive been searching far and wide for audio advise for my particular vehicle. im going to drop all the basics of my vehicle and amount of power i want to be able to push at idle.


1997 Toyota 4runner

stock alternator 70-80 amps

walmart everstart battery


i want to push about 5000 watts of power

3-4 channel amplifiers at 1000 watts max. RMS is 600 watts @ 4 ohms per amplifier

1- Mono amplifier at 3000 watts max. RMS is 2000 watts @ 1 ohm


now my question is wether to do:

a battery upgrade? to an AGM battery

add a second battery? a little harder to do this as my trunk does not have much space

alternator ugrade? JS Alternators offers a 250 amp or 320 amp

both HO alternator and upgraded AGM battery?

maybe adding a capacitor?


i DO NOT plan on entering any type of sound competitions. majority of the time ill be playing music loud is when im at idle or driving.

i do want to do this the right way and not fry anything.

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You will need BOTH the HO alternator and AGM battery,  For part selection it would be nice to know the models of the amps and the models of the speakers subwoofers that the amps will be driving. BTW not everyone needs three 4 channel amps.

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