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CT Sounds MESO 6.5 3 way full active using oversized AMP

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I am currently designing my system, and I intend to use a Audio Control DM 810 to tune and crossover my system. To that end I have questions about installing the tweeters and midrange speakers on amps that are rated too big. The smallest amps I am seeing on CT sounds are 60 watts / channel. The tweeters are rated for 50 watts/pair RMS.

Is there a reliable way to amplify them without overpowering them?
Do i adjust the gain down on that channel?
How do I relaibly measure to make sure I have it set right? Multimeter and measure the output voltage 50 Watts = V X 4 ohms so Volts = 6.25 at 25 watts?

Thanks for your time

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Average power is V rms x I rms    you cannot use R as the tweeter is not a resistor.


V rms  and  I rms  are obtained by direct measurement bearing in mind your multimeter is a "true RMS" one otherwise the readings will be invalid.


Also VERY important that you don't mention is that your high pass filter must be set high enough to meet it's operating frequency range, if you play frequencies lower than what the tweeter is meant to play it will get destroyed, so to be safe you need to set amp gain AND high pass filter BOTH, furthermore, the highpass filter need to be set before measurements ar4e taken and gains are set.


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