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Hi guys, I have two 12" (pioneer premier TS-3001 D4) subs. What enclosure and port volume would be recommended to to give me a loud bass at 30hz-35hz with minimal port noise. Aero port are to be used for the vents. These speakers are to be powered by a Lanzar Opti 700×2 amp.

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The amplifier you have is class AB with efficiency of about 55%, if you want to deliver 1400W with that amp you are going to need to source:


1400W/0.55 =2545W


That means you will need full electrical upgrades and the amp is going to get hot as hell if pushed to the limit.


It was in the 90s that class AB amps were used on subs.

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I got the electrical upgrades to support this build and the amp was modified by technician to reduce heat. Eventually it would be swapped out with a class D unit but it is what it is for now.


It's the enclosure is mainly what I am trying to source. The enclosure must be capable of handling 2000 to 3000 rms of power.


I was gonna design the enclosure on winisd but I decided to create this post to see what are some of the options people can offer since the subs was out a very long time now people must have experimented with them in the past.

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