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Jp34ab vs salt 2000.6


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I'm new here but I am interested in getting 2 down 4 sound jp34ab class ab amps or a sundown audio salt 2000.6. I am running Hertz MLK1650.3 legends in the front doors and Hertz ML1800.3 8 inch  with Hertz ML280.3 tweeters. I'm getting the Hertz MLCX2 TW.3 crossovers. I want to know which would be the better quality amp and give me the best sound quality.

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If you are looking for sound quality probably you want Mosconi, Arc Audio, Helix or such kind of amplifiers specifically made for sound quality.


But if you insist on getting non sound quality specific amps like those you mention then in my opinion pick the cheaper solution, the two jp34ab,  class AB amps.  Usually class AB amps outperform standard class D amps in sound quality and it seems to be the case here as the AB option  has about 10 times less THD as the class D if you look at the specs.


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