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6 mids and 6 highs on 4 ch amp. Sound stage for over the head soundbar?

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Hello everyone! I'm working on upgrading my system on a Jeep Gladiator.

I just upgraded to a new Fox sub box and Sundown Audio SA V2 10" x 2. I haven't ordered a new amp yet, so I'm crossing my fingers for a D4S memorial day sale. I just got the big 3 done. I will also add a LTO 6 1-2 on the back to
support the amp. 

Currently I still have 2 sets of Morel Maximo 6 component speakers. 1 set on the front stage and 1 set on the factory soundbar.  I got my eyes on a new set of 4 x 8" mids and 4 x highs over the head American Soundbar. How should I go about this if I want to connect all of them to a 4 ch amp?

What will be a better sound stage for this setup? I did look into some deaf bonce, D4S and Sundown speakers. What do you guys recommend?  

-All same mids and highs 
-Front mid range/highs and mid bass on sound bar
-Front mid range/highs and mix a pair of mid range and a pair of mid bass on sound bar



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that's going to be a lot of sound from only a foot or so away from your ears... personally I've never been a big fan of putting a bunch of sound in those cross bars, they can be tricky to make sound right while not blowing out your ear drums. as far as powering it a 4 channel would work well. you could use 2 channels for the mids and 2 for the highs. you would just need to know the power handling for everything you intend to put on the amp, and then shop for an amp based off of those numbers.


i will say, from an ex-installer, jeeps (edit: wrangler based jeeps) are some of the toughest vehicles to run stereo in. there's just no room to put anything. with that being said, i would look heavily into the micro/ powersports amplifiers as they will be better suited for your vehicle

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