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  1. holy smokes there are some names i havent seen in a while. i hop on here and there, dont usually post tho. life is on the uptick. got a DL back after 6 ish years. ive been working in retail 12v installation for 3 ish years now. building a bagged 97 ranger so thatll be fun
  2. i was wondering what you were up to... been a while since we have seen a new product. you always have something in the works. looks good tho for real. id pick one up if i had a use for it. so when can we expect some SMD battery terminals? lol
  3. i dont know if i would go that far but it is close I think I was gone for that. Story time check the smd meme post. i think its around pg 50 ish
  4. im out at my parents house for the week. they live out in the middle of nowhere and... um..... shit for internet
  5. what vehicle is it in. might be on the limits of the stock alt.
  6. Thanks bud, granted i havent checked it again since(approx 1pm). Left the meter at work so do know if its changed or not. the charging voltage will change depending on the temp of the alt. a cold alt will charge at a higher voltage than a warm alt. so if in your picture the truck hadnt been running and had enough time to cool down, then it is a cold alt. after running for a few minutes the charging voltage should drop a little bit.
  7. they will close and delete this thread if it starts causing a dip in their sponsors and advertisers. iirc thats what happend last time, the advertisers didnt like what they saw here so they pulled out
  8. Isn't this the kind of shit that got the original RPP, and then the RPP2 deleted, The RPP3 "trolling edition" deleted and finally RPP2 back? Dont' think I'm ready for that kind of drama again. that shit is exactly what got the OG RPP deleted. shit belongs in the 18+RPP, but there is a reason he isnt in there...
  9. You guys ever get the feeling he's click-baiting you to get his page and video views up? ^^^^^this x1000. thats why i just keep on scrolling
  10. you know you can sell a testicle over seas for like $25k... ill be back in a couple weeks, i expect my amp will be built and ready by then?
  11. todays safety lesson that shit bugs the crap out of me when i see someone in a movie of on tv that is caarrying a gun around with their finger on the trigger.
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