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  1. I actually fought with the guy for almost a month trying to get the right finish on the truck... id rather not fight that again...
  2. Sooo does anybody have any clue how to get scratches off of satin paint? Normal rubbing compunds and waxes cant be used as they will damage the finish. Id rather not have the truck re sprayed if i can help it. Here is a short video kinda explaining and showing what i mean. Fair warning... apparently i talk like a sailor, so if you are sensitive to foul language dont watch the video
  3. i run a single dc level 3 in my truck on roughly 1100 ish watts it performs nicely on that power. ive been nothing but happy with my DC products now and in the past.
  4. im interested to see where they go with the boat and water zombies
  5. http://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Negan-Killing-Glenn-Comic-Books-40848466 They followed the comic well here. From the audio it sounds like glenn might not be with us next season...
  6. well iirc the dialogue follows the comics almost spot on. scene was dragged out a bit, but none the less it was all there
  7. there is too much emotional attachment to the main characters that have been there since the beginning. i see it being either eugene or abraham that gets the beat down
  8. Cliffhanger as usual. We won't know for sure for 6 months. Seems like it might have been glenn by the audio but who knows. they are trying to gauge peoples reactions to the episode to decide who to kill off... bastards
  9. did we finally witness glenns big moment? downloading as soon as ettv putts the torrent out, (usually within 1 hour of show end)
  10. if your gain isnt set with an o-scope or a dd1, its proably not set right. never underestimate the power of a clipped/ distorted signal. i would try to find someone with a o-scope or dd1 near you and contact them about using it to set the amp properly
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