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  1. get your meter and check for continuity between each speaker lead at the amp and chasis ground. does the amp go into protect or just shut off when you start the truck?
  2. whats your voltage look like? both at the battery and amps, running and not. factory alt? do you have a remote running from the HU, or is it tapped in somewhere else?
  3. Rockford fosgate makes some nice drop in speaker options for those bikes. I have personally done 4 or 5 bikes from a pmx head unit to a full kit with hard bag speakers fairing speakers and 4 channel amp. they get LOUD and sound good doing it. https://rockfordfosgate.com/motorcycle/
  4. ill have to put a magnet to them tomorrow to find out for sure. i left the truck aired up for a few hours tonite and i didnt see any sagging and the pressure didnt seem to move in any of the 3 corners that worked. gonna hit all the fittings with soapy water tomorrow to make sure there are no leaks. the setup doesnt look to be too old as far as the bags and lines go
  5. not sure on where the parts came from, cant find any info on anything. its on the lift right now, going to get the drivers bag working tomorrow and see what it can do. also not sure if there is a pressure safety switch on the tanks, i looked and couldn't find one anywhere i shut the pump off when the tanks hit 150 psi. not sure how high its supposed to go, and the last thing i want to do is rupture a tank or a bag. it should be a fun project, and im in it cheap enough to be able to spend a little coin on it and not be upside down on it edit for spelling
  6. a few of you already herd about this, but i closed the deal on it, and i got it for a steal... $450. 97 ford ranger 3.0l v6 136,xxx miles bagged at all 4 corners shaved handles with electronic pops on both doors and tailgate the bad news is that whoever modified it couldnt weld too good. im going to grind and reweld eveything. the frame wasnt notched properly. while the supports are there, the guy apparently didnt know how to use a tape measure. the drivers side notch is a little too far back and the frame ever so slightly touches the axle on the way down. the drivers front bag works when it wants to. thinking either a valve is stuck, or a solenoid is bad in it. the switches are cheap and almost broken. going to wire in a real switch box while i like the shaved handle look, i cant stand electronic poppers. will be reverting back to door handles all the way around. as for the paint, im thinking about a satin black with candy red scallops and cream pinstripe. toss that in with the set of gold spoke dayton 22s i have sitting and damn...
  7. budget was small. all in on the complete setup right now is $375. the amp was "sonic certified" which i believe means they have put one on the AD1. numbers were alright, not quite rated, but enough for what i want to do. only item left on the list is the 1/0 front to back. i have 4 gauge positive and negative running back to the hc 600 right now then 1/0 from there to the amp. with the optima yellow top under the hood right now i barely see any voltage drop, so im good with it for now. goes nicely with the d4 level 3
  8. just got this in for the level 3 12 i lol when i saw this. the amp has 1/0 inputs, but the fuse holder they give you is for 8 gauge...
  9. i was wondering what you were up to... been a while since we have seen a new product. you always have something in the works. looks good tho for real. id pick one up if i had a use for it. so when can we expect some SMD battery terminals? lol
  10. i dont know if i would go that far but it is close I think I was gone for that. Story time check the smd meme post. i think its around pg 50 ish
  11. im out at my parents house for the week. they live out in the middle of nowhere and... um..... shit for internet
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