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Hi everybody,


I recently bought a 2024 Buick Encore GX with the Bose system.


I’m looking to install this JL Audio sub combo for some bass. I’m lost on wiring it and have already asked crutchfield and they have zero info.




i thought some installers could help with a wiring diagram and do I need a jl audio clean sweep.


thank you 

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it usually takes a while for newer cars to have info like that online. if the body and interior didn't change from 2022/23 you might try looking those up as there is a better chance the wiring for those will be online. if you go that route I would take everything you see online with a grain of salt and test, test, test to make sure you have the signals you are looking for.


I assume you are needing signal wires for the input. if that's the case, the best and probably the easiest way to get it would be from the factory amplifier. GM likes to shove these in the trunk area usually behind some trim panels near the wheel well. I've seen them on both driver and passenger side of the trunk, so it's your guess which to try first.


now you'll need to figure out what speakers on the car actually output the bass, usually on these newer vehicles it's the front 2 doors unless it has a factory sub. if it has a factory sub you'll want that signal. if not grab the 2 with the most bass and tap into them. run them to the 4 pin Molex then it's just power, ground, and bass knob if there is one. you won't need a remote turn on as this has signal sense built in so when it sees signal on the input it turns on. 


here is some wiring from the12volt for a 2018... it's the newest public info out there for an encore, but that doesn't mean its correct. I make no guarantee on if its right or wrong, just putting it here for easier reference





Radio 12V      Red/Gray      +      Radio, gray 20 pin plug, pin 1           


Radio Ground      Black/White      -      Radio, gray 20 pin plug, pin 11           


Radio Ignition      (Low Speed GMLAN)                     


Factory Amp Turn-on      (MOST Serial Data)                     


Left Front Speaker (+/-)      Blue - Brown/Blue      +,-      Amplifier near rear wheel well, green 16 pin plug, pins 7 - 15           


Right Front Speaker (+/-)      Yellow - Yellow/Black      +,-      Amplifier near rear wheel well, green 16 pin plug, pins 6 - 14           


Left Rear Speaker (+/-)      Green - Green/Black      +,-      Amplifier near rear wheel well, green 16 pin plug, pins 5 - 13           


Right Rear Speaker (+/-)      White - Blue/Black      +,-      Amplifier near rear wheel well, green 16 pin plug, pins 4 - 12           


Subwoofer (+/-)      Green/Black - Blue/Gray      +,-      Amplifier near rear wheel well, gray 8 pin plug, pins 7 - 3      

**** copied from the12volt****

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