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Sony Handycam Dvdr610

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Brand - Sony

Model - Handycam dvdr610

Price 279.99 Sam's Club




I bought this with our Federal income tax return mainly for our Daughters Folklorico events, but i figured what the hell i'll try it for my subwoofers and stuff as well.

Pros -

Unit is only about a half a pound

you can record to dvd or to sony memory stick duos

touch screen controls


I cant figure out why it beeps at me and tells me that it may not record correctly to the media i have in it (sont branded 15gb card)

instruction manual is kinda vague with telling me what the damn issue is im having.

I have it on high quality and the quality is lacking imo. my sony cybershot w170 takes a clearer video.

Overall ive had it about a month and a half so far and am not happy with it. I'm about to call up sony right now to see what they can help me with as far as my issues im having. i'll revise my review when i have more hands on time and can get to the bottom of my issues. Maybe im just to stupid to figure out how to set it up right, but i dont really want to say its a piece of junk until ive exhausted all my options on it.

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good news is i figured out why the camera does that, i have a "fake" sony memory stick.

has the 16gb as advertised and works in the camera just always will give that error.

so i guess thats what you get for buying sony sticks off ebay

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