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  1. Wont ever get team subs, they wont fit in the box. they will get wired lower when we change the subs to a different ohm load.
  2. what vehicle is it in? bluetooth uses only the front channels of your deck. so i would make sure those are hooked up correctly.
  3. for the record, that will work, but i havent used any parts whatsoever for any of these headunits.
  4. you dont need the relay.. with a little work you can figure it out off just what i told you. that video is a very old model
  5. nah it still currently works on sony/kenwood/jvc and all the cheap manufactures. Pioneer is the only company who activly changes it or makes it at least a bit tricky. if you follow my first post youll get it.
  6. wrong. that pioneer unit needs a pulse of + into the parking wire that needs to go away. If you search, you will find the answer in how to do it.
  7. looks great. I had a hard time telling in most of the pics but the finish look of the metal was that like a brushed look?
  8. looks great, i like my back a little lower, but yours still looks great.
  9. imo they never sounded great, but they are def amp to get loud.
  10. I read everything the op wrote. The issue im reading he has. (I have an oscope and a DD1 BTW) When you are testing with a DD1 your getting a clean signal at 40hz. he wants to know how you know other frequencies are clean that you are not testing. I have personally scoped output at 30hz on an amp after using a DD1 at 40hz and the signal look real nasty at 30 or sometimes 50. I think he is asking for an answer to that, rather then people telling him look for a video or explanation about it. He doesnt have a DD! but an oscope and from his findings, he was clean at one frequency but dirty at another, he would like to know how the DD1 deals with these things that he is seeing on his scope. I liked his long post as it was informative about the issue he had and was pretty concise about what he was looking for.
  11. 2085, thanks again for all the entertaining videos, i think im about 35 votes in atm. wife and daughter as well.
  12. looks like i'll be reconing a subwoofer today for someone, and if it was more notice we'd have looked at bringing a little more
  13. ive tested fuse and no fuse in our build and no difference whatsoever.
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