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  1. looks great. I had a hard time telling in most of the pics but the finish look of the metal was that like a brushed look?
  2. physical box size difference in a .5 and .75 box shouldnt be really eating up too much hatch space for anyone. if that difference in space is a deal breaker, i wouldnt have a subwoofer at all.
  3. nope. not unless you wanna pay for his tinted window ticket. I will help him do anything LEGAL he wants to do but he will need a job first so he can pay for his own if he decides to roll the dice.....and gets caught with it. I would prefer my 17yr old son didn't start getting tickets though. I dont have my windshield tinted but have wanted to. Is that a fix it ticket or a large monetary sum? I hear just a fix it here in Cali, in which case id just get it signed and pay the processing fee. But, I also hear, its a fine, which i dont really wanna pay something like a few hundred dollars eac
  4. lol its funny how at our ages, a 2002 yukon still looks like a new car. Hell i think its one of the only vehicle from that generation of cars thats pretty timeless and this generation can appreciate the niceness of. Hell, if i wasnt such a damn penny pusher, i'd definetly rock a yukon/tahoe/burban. Great dependability Aftermarket support like no other LOVE the AC on GM TRUCKS Room for whatever you want to do System/family/work truck
  5. a buddy recently bought a prs-80 from them, was pretty much dealer cost . I installed it for him, was definitely brand new product. My guess is that they are getting it from a distributor or from multiple shops so that it stays under the radar.
  6. i like 3 cubes, 35hz tuning, 15sq per of port area. was pretty linear.
  7. i bought one for my daughter, i had to mess with it too.
  8. Anyone able to get me into contact with aa/fi?

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    2. Ninja_v1.0


      what do ya need james.. send me a pm

    3. OrionStang


      They've been saying "dont' worry good things are coming from AA/Fi" for months now. I guess contacting them isn't one of those things LOL.

    4. banginhummer


      I usually get through on first attempt with this number 702-279-3104

  9. Ray told you to put a dd8 in 1.5 cubes? Really doesnt sound like a box he would recommend at all.
  10. We spoke with and got everything handled by Brandon today, wanted to come on here and say thank you.
  11. thats the problem here with you and a majority of this forum. you dont HAVE to feed a sub over RMS in order to get everything out of a sub. Why throw more power at something (spend more money) when you can build a box thats going to give the absolute most (less money). I'm helping the OP in the way, that some dudes telling him something thats not necessarily true to his situation. Your e8's Don't (need) more power, furthermore lets say those e8s are getting 400rms each, which i would hope your amp has no issue giving you given the correct box they should be more then enough. I'll ALWAY'S r
  12. your box plays a large roll in what those subs can and cannot handle. so your findings in his case pretty much mean 0
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