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2 15's someone got any input

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ported ftw.... step 1. buy subs step 2. plan and build enclosure

honestly if your thinking about going sealed with 2 15's... id say you would be better off doing 2 12's ported...

i myself am not a fan of sealed boxes.... like he said... once you go ported you never go back...


93 Saturn SC2My system4 SA-15's Walled

2 Cerwin-Vega S2000's

3 Kinetik Hc2000's

Dual 200amp alts.

you guys done with the peepee touching contest or do I need to end it?

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Well, consider it gone.

It will sound no where near your 4 15s walled.

Im assuming your just going to build a box for all 4 15s then?

IMO You would be better off taking that 5krms you got, and build 1 decent box for the 2 15s, and keep the other 2 for spairs or sell them.

It is fact that a 10 inch driver will outperform a 12 inch driver if the 12 inch driver is confined too to small of a space. (using the same power, vehicle box, etc).

Take a look at these:


They handle a conservative 1600 watts RMS each and can be had for around $200 each.

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