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  1. I've always been a fan of the old school Soundstream amps. From the amp design to how the inputs lay flush, it just all goes together beautifully
  2. This year I'm asking Santa for the AudioControl LC7i so I can install a 4 channel amp through my stock headunit. I am also asking Santa for some of the Boom Mat Leather - it looks super interesting! Never seen deadner like that before. Wonder how well it works
  3. Anyone out there wanna help a brotha out with a box design?! Or point me to someone who can?

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  7. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/131101-fsft-ipod-touch-32gb-clean/
  8. 1. Product: 3rd generation Ipod touch 32gb for sale. 2. Specs: iPod touch (3rd generation) - Technical Specifications 3. Description/Condition: I got an iphone so my baby has to go. I have taken care of this ipod since day 1. first day put on invisishield and I have yet to come into a problem with it. It is jailbroken but can send it restored if you wish. or I can leave my apps, which vary from weight lifting to a ton of games. includes charger only. 4. Price: : $150 SHIPPED FEDEX W TRACKING I will entertain trades as well. I dont need subs or wire however. 5. Pictures:
  9. 1. Product: Toolmaker made dual 1/0 Amp input with a third input for like a voltmeter.. He had them originally made for my saz-2500 in aluminum and I took it to a professional plating shop in LA and got them silver plated, for conductivity better than copper (the screws are also silver plated) The silver will NOT rust or tarnish. It may get a tad shade yellow, but thats just how silver acts. It will not affect the conductivity in any way.. 2. Specs: 2 1/0awg and 1 8awg inputs, hex tools included 3. Description/Condition: Brand new, never used. Won't need them now so would rather let someone else take their beauty and show them off until I am ready for mine. They truly are good looking pieces. 4. Price: : Just trying to make up my costs of the part and the process, so Ill say $60 shipped insured. 5. Pictures:
  10. the same thing happened to my macbook not too long ago. I had my headphone jack stuck and pulling it out messed up the pins. So i grabbed a piece of solid copper wire and bend it like an "s" and stuck it in. My internal speakers work but now I have to use a usb adapter for my headphones. just an idea that may work
  11. prompt payment, no problem. Smooth sailing with this guy! Will gladly do business with again!
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