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  1. I've got a buddy (46panel on here), he lives in cheboygan and goes to school down in saginaw with 4 18" IA death penalties off of 2 IA 40.1's doing close to 155 daily. Thing is obnoxious. You should get at him.
  2. Ap1500...used for maybe a month. Ive still got the original packaging and whatnot. 10/10 cosmetic and performance. Will throw in 1/0awg fuse holder and some 4 gauge. Asking 125shipped
  3. I hope you're joking. But unfortunately I know you're not.... wow.
  4. Alright, Ill try and find a site to show me how to do it. Just use this one.
  5. Ummm V8 parts dont fit V6 parts... OP, What are you trying to kill? Get a tune, CAI, and change the plugs and wires... Ahahaha this^^^^
  6. Tons of choices. I see this thread becoming a pissing match soon...
  7. To be honest...run a better amp. I had 2 2610s and was not impressed with them AT ALL...
  8. I need a stock alternator for a 4.3 or a 5.7 cheap quick.
  9. 9 cubes for 2 15s...depending on the power is definitely too big...
  10. I'm assuming lincoln towncars and caprices still have a bigger trunk. Looks like a nice opening to work with from this angle
  11. Nah id look elsewhere...I had a nice batt bank to back that amp up so it never saw any drop. Just wasn't impressed at all. And IMO and amp that supposedly does 2200 at .5 should have bigger that 4g power and ground inputs...
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