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im a noob 2 air bags but thos one look kinda messed up




deepsilencer, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:32, said:

splzx3, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:27, said:

i had my fun on one of his videos...till he blocked me then i got my mother into it lol after her he closed the comments xD

lol your mom is a G! good.gif

WTF, I never thought I'd have a conversation about cross dressers and trans-genders on a car audio forum.

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Hook those valves and compressors to a 9v source and see if they work. If they do, less than 300 is a good deal for the comps/tanks/valves. Throw the other stuff away, or flip it and get some brand new slam bags. They rock!

i was planning on replacing the bags after i got them,thanks for the input.

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Yeah if the compressors work and are decent its a good price. you can clean the tanks up and paint them. them valves look rusted? buy it use what you can sell the rest.



beer sucks...but i can bring some jose cuervo. Only problem is that it makes me horny and gives me the rams. So unless yall wanna fight and then have some great make up sex i will leave it home.

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