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So I want to get sleeves but odviously I couldn't get it all done at once, would have to do 1 or 2 tatoos at a times, so would it look ok if i did that and got some kind of filler? Any opinions or help, my plan was one arm would have an irish theme, i'm irish and wanna show off my haritage, the other arm would be car/automotive related.

2001 Dodge Ram

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First off I am a professional tattoo artist. Now to answer the question, the best way to start a sleeve is to pick out your tattoo artist. I know it sounds dumb but if done correctly this should take you a little while. You should be going to every shop around and looking at portfolios ect. Also try to see as much of their healed work as possible. As far as laying out a sleeve, it will always look better if the whole arm is designed at one time. In other words don't go get one tattoo then another then another and at the end do a bunch of filler to make it a sleeve. If you design it all at the beginning then you have a game plan for your whole arm and it will all work together and flow together. Once it is designed, you and your tattoo artist can figure out how best to work on it. Sometimes I will start by doing all of the line work in one session, then following sessions work on filling it all in. Other times I will start at the top and work my way down, finishing it as I go. It all depends on the style and design. I hope this helps at all. you can message me with any questions

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