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  1. Thanks again that really helps now I can finish my busbars tomorrow at work on the mill
  2. interesting.... do you have that dimension .... i never would have thought that those measurements would be the same
  3. i didnt mean spacing between posts on the same battery i meant the spacing between one post from one battery to another in parallel
  4. does anyone know what the hole spacing is between the terminals of 2 d3400s im working on my build and i want to get done as much as i can before my equipment gets here thanks
  5. i fi had to guess id say its a og lvl 5... but the og lvl 5 might have had a sold pole and in that case id say XL
  6. ill just leave this here rear is tuned to 27ish and front is tuned to 77ish
  7. i woulnt think you have enough room in a tahoe for a c pillar wall and a 4th order with 18s maybe a b pillar 4ths take tons of room ... the 4th order i built for my 8s i had a while back took up half my bed of my long bed truck aside from that id tune to 45 and do a 1:2 ratio with a lot of port
  8. i ran 3500w on a stock 91 chevy alt and 2 batteries for a while and i was fine... i really needed an alt at the time but i couldnt afford it if there isnt an alt available for your car you dont have any choice ... you just wont be able to play long without draining your batteries (when i say play long i mean as long as someone else who has an upgraded alternator) in short you should be ok just as long as you dont push limits and try to fuck something up know your system and what it can handle when voltage gets low and things start getting how shut her down
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