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  1. i planned my build around d3400s but ive been looking at lithium lately just trying to find an economic solution
  2. in the description it says the cells are balanced is that just for marketing?
  3. https://www.ev-power.eu/LiFeYPO4-batteries-12V-1-1/Lithium-Battery-12V-60Ah-WB-LP12V60AH.html how do yall think something like this would hold up in an automotive environment given the instructions for charging and maintaining were followed
  4. i have a pair of dayton audio subwoofer amps 1000 watts each at 4ohm never used just unboxed and sat on a shelf i never got to use them 300 each or 500 for the pair or i will trade for 2 xs power d3400s or twisted sounds 150.4 and 95.4 or a high output gm large case alt or some busbars for xs power d3400s or a mono amp that does over 2000 watts at 2ohm thanks
  5. I got all the speaker wire for the doors and pillars ran today but no pics cause that's boring got the lugs on the 4ga for the 4ch amps done and now I need to order up the aluminum for the busbars .... it's coming together piece by piece slowly but surly
  6. small update on the console its not perfect but its good enough to be installed till i redo it... i have a sheet of some .160" aluminum i might remake it out of sometime in the future all the wires ran and hid amp rack in if someone wants to donate about $3k so i can buy amps thatd be cool
  7. test fit of the dash put a routed edge on everything just to make it look a little better... the console is pretty much finished besides a little body work and whatever i decide to finish it with either bed liner or wrap it amp rack is also pretty much done again just have to decide on how to finish it and however it gets finished will have to match the plastic trim across the back of the cab
  8. I did the first layer of fiber glass mat and cloth today... I'm using the cloth in the big open area that's mostly flat and the mat in the tight spaces... seems pretty strong for just one layer... I'm still going to add another maybe more then u have to decide how I'm going to finish them... the wife vetoed the bed liner idea so nowe I'm thinking vinyl or something else I have no idea what I should use I'm open to suggestions
  9. get a helper bag a lot of them are universal and you just fill it with air and forget about it
  10. titanium braces little trim pieces for each side of the box 32 3/8" lags and aircraft grade sealant should be enough to hold her closed some may recognize this bumper from my old red truck and thats because its the same one... dont mind the tape its been removed subs all loaded up this was fun by myself wood alone weighs over 300lbs time to make a trim panel/ amp rack for behind the back seat box is in try number 3 on these doors finally getting around to relocating the window controls test fit decided to give the dash a third try as well
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