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2009 SOTM Winners

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The Best of 2009s System Of The Month Winners


  1. February 2009 SOTM WINNER- Projekt AI

    A SICK wall loaded with 2 DC 18s, clean, powerful LOUD!!!

  2. March 2009 SOTM Winner-HHR Ed

    Small HHR packs a big punch with a HUGE amp, 7 batts and 4 10 inch T3s in a sexy Razorlite Box...check it out!!!

  3. April 2009 SOTM Winner- BASS14

    Insane bass out of a wall in a Pick up. 2 15 inch DCs beat down the roads on in a 1999 Ford.

  4. May 2009 SOTM WINNER- Jonatan

    4 15 inch DCs, mind boggling power and a Blowthrough in a BRAND NEW DODGE RAM!!! Come in...Check it out!!

  5. June 2009 SOTM Winner- pstone11, Sponsored by Second Skin Audio

    Bassed out Blazer with a literal TON of power...A pallet of batteries to power 3 XXX 6500s and 6 15 inch MTs. BASS HEAVEN

  6. July 2009 SOTM Winner - 98HOEONSIXEZ, Sponsored by DC Power

    From 4 15s, tons of glass and crazy amounts of power...all the way to a custom amp rack...this ride is just sick through out!!

  7. August 2009 SOTM Winner - BITLD, Sponsored by Darvex

    12 Ascendant Audio 18" Mayhems, 12 SPL Dynamics S2000Ds to match, elegant fiberglass and TONS of battery power makes one sick van!!

  8. September 2009 SOTM Winner- Jack and his "Sleeper" Sponsored by Second Skin Audio

    one sleeper that will WAKE YOU UP with the INSANE lows from 6 DC Level 4XL 15s.

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  9. October 2009 SOTM Winner - thorshammer - Spondored by Q-logic & Rockford Fosgate

    2 10 inch DC Level 5s, 1 Stetsom 14K2D..Magnets bigger than the cones, tons of excursion..and of coarse FRANKENWOOFER

  10. November 2009 SOTM Winner - may03LT, Sponsored by Q-Logic & Rockford Fosgate

    3 12" Kicker L7s over 2k of RF power, monster lows and clean sounds out of this Trailblazer!!

  11. December 2009 SOTM Hairtrick Edition Winner - The A Team

    6 DC Level 5 12s, 1 Stetsom 7kd, loud ass Jeep and one HELLUVA hairtrick machine!!

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